The Saddhu, Sage & Recluse

The final stage of religious development is The Sage, in which one is established in non-duality. It is perhaps the highest spiritual conception for man in the Hindu and Yogic scriptures, and references to it abound throughout Hindu scriptures including the Bhagavad-Gita, mixed in with references to the other states.

Non-dualistic Vedanta, explained somewhat here, is one of the higher reaches of Hindu religion and philosophy. It is very difficult to comprehend the teachings of non-duality without three things: 1) Continence (perhaps most important), 2) meditation, and 3) study of the scriptures of non-dualistic Vedanta.

This is the stage of the true saint. In this state he has no likes and dislikes, no attraction or aversion. He has zero interest in sex, money, or gold. He has no interest in things, in fame, or relationships with others. He has no interest in peoples, societies, or races. Furthermore, governments, politics, and the newspaper have zero interest for him. He has no use for science, scriptures, music or art. He has no interest in philanthropy or "saving the world," since he recognizes the world as nothing but a projection from himself, passing karma, and unreality. Earth changes, calamities, prosperity and growth, cycles and time -- all are of no account to him.

He has even renounced mental concepts and percepts, and mind itself. This is a difficult state to understand. He is established in the supreme non-dual God, or the Pure Consciousness. Yogic saints known in the west who fit this ideal are Bhagavan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri, Neem Karoli Baba, and Sai Baba of Shirdi.

The scriptures that support this state are the Yoga-Vasistha and some of  the Upanishads such as the Gaudapada Karika Upanishad, as well as certain verses of the Bhagavad-Gita, a scripture which speaks to all the stages and states.

Dabblers in eastern religion mix up the last state with the other states. They write to us, having seen this site, saying childish things like "In yoga all is one; you  should see no differences among the races, etc." But they are mixing up the various grades of religious realization and do not have a mature concept of what the non-dual state is like.

First we see them ignoring many of the requisites of the earlier states (chastity, God-devotion, duty), and not  attaining the fruit of those states (bliss, samadhi). Yet they write us as "see-no-difference" non-dualism sages, complaining that we (in our Kyastriya role) wish to preserve our families, our races, nations, and societies. However, these persons see many differences in life, just like average people, and their complaints about White European racial identity are not based on yoga or non-duality. They either mistake the mischievous  Zionist-taught "no race" mindset as an aspect of Non-Dualistic yogic realization, or they are simply parroting Jewish communistic propaganda.

To illustrate their error, we will describe the state of the sage who has realized non-duality, the one who "sees no differences" in creation. This will put an end to their confusions.

In the state of non-duality "the sage sees no difference between a rock and a piece of gold." Bhagavad-Gita He has no attraction to anything hand no aversion to anything. For example,
He distinguishes no difference between rotten food, fresh wholesome food, or poison. None of the writers who write us here claiming they observe "no race" have attained to any of this dispassion and detachment.  In fact, they favor their own people, as is natural to their level.

The yogic sage does not seek anything and is completely without desires. He contents himself with "whatever comes to him without effort." Yoga-Vasistha In that state he is also completely unaffected by sexual desire or woman. The Yoga-Vasistha says that the touch of a woman is "like the touch of a piece of wood" to him. The sage established in non-duality sees no difference between a good man and an evil one, between a philanthropist and a murderer. Again, those who are alarmed by our protectiveness toward White European Christian culture do not have these cosmic states and their pose of "seeing no differences" in the races, or their pose of assigning them no value, is irrational and unnatural to their level of understanding, and is nothing but political propaganda.

Nothing pleases or displeases the yogi established in non-duality. Exterior conditions have no effect whatsoever on his inner mood. In fact, the sage established in the state of non-duality does not even notice outer things at all. The scriptures state that he does not even perceive duality, has only a little of his attention turned outward to the world, and lives in a state like sleep. He sees the entire outer world as uncreated and unreal:

"Consciousness does not have any object for it to become aware of: hence all talk of unity and diversity is meaningless." Yoga-Vasistha p. 596

Further, h
e does not see anybody enlightened or anybody deluded. He does not see any sorrow, or any happiness. He is impassive and his mind is completely inactive. (Yet he sheds grace.) The Yoga-Vasistha further describes the state of the master of non-duality:  He is like an inert object; he is as if half-asleep. He has no desire to go anywhere, or to attain anything other than what he has attained internally. Ramakrishna said that sometimes he is like a madman, sometimes a child, and sometimes is like a block of wood or a python. The scripture further states that the yogic sage sees the entire outerworld as "essenceless." None of the fellows who get bent out of shape seeing us protect White identity  have this state. None of these "see no differences" pretenders are even attracted to this state. They would regarde the sage's state as inhuman, undesirable, and negative not-to-mention 'no fun.'

Even though the state of highest state of the sage is strange, yet he is the real blessing on the earth. The Upanishads state that the very presence of this sage creates only good, and never evil, and that any thing he does creates good. And this is a mystery. The presence of this sage does not create chaos, cultural destruction, or poverty. Instead, his presence regenerates social order, dharma, and  prosperity. In other words, the presence of the sage does not destroy the races, but preserves them. The presence of this sage does not incite moral license or  degeneracy, but rather, strengthens morality and chastity in the people.

Basically, the presence of the sage strengthens the dharma of the preceding four states, because it is only that very dharma of the preceding four states (the adherent, seeker, practitioner, etc.)  -- that leads to his ultimate state. Thus the paths that support and lead to his own non-dual state are supported and regenerated by his presence. When he does speak, he speaks in support of the adherent's dharma, the practitioner's dharma, or the kyastria. ("warrior," or older practitioner fighting to protect and guide his people). In Yoga-Sutra terms, his state of Dharma-Megha-Samadhi is the "raincloud of virtue." He is established in All-Good, all good comes from him and all good is fostered in the people around him.

However, the people who write this site saying "yogis are supposed to see no difference in anything" (such as the races, etc.) are nowhere near the non-dual state themselves.
Whether wittingly or unwittingly, they are claiming those attitudes falsely,  as part of a political agenda. These ones who want all to ignore differences in race, etc. see difference everywhere else, and are full of desires. They are not sages or avadhutas. They seek women and sex. They seek money. They prefer to eat wholesome food over rotten things. They favor their own children over other people's children. They see moral differences in the people and differences of virtue, they hate one politician and love another. The only place they want to see non-duality doctrines practiced is with regard to races. They are dupes of Jewish/Communist propaganda and the program to mix the races together into gray paint, to be lost, so the Jewish "chosen people" -- still clinging tight to their peoplehood and the only remaining collective thus the most powerful group -- can take ascendancy over all, and the Jewish New World Order can take control of the world. They are either deluded or dishonest. They are actually following Communistic and Socialistic/Jewish ideas  taught to them by mass media, and not yoga. At all levels prior to saddhu/sage -- the adherent, the seeker, the practitioner, and the kshatriya   -- one still sees differences and should operate within the natural order, pursuing his natural duty. Glimpses of the sage's "no differences" state are sometimes experienced by all the preceding classes, and this understanding should be sought especially on Sundays. But they are not established in a non-dualistic state. And they should not pretend to be so-established in order to cooperate with money powers or the Jewish "new world order." They should do the duty of their particular level.