The Brotherhood Of The Sacred Word
We live in times of great darkness, and rare but powerful sparks of light,
of mass confusion and genuine, pure  knowledge.
We live at the precipice of massive change toward evil,

but also massive opportunities for heroism and good,
and for setting clear directions out of the wilderness
that will survive long after darkness overtakes mankind.
There are few such times that come in history when
a man can do so much
 by being just a little brave,
 a little detached,
and a little bit principled.
Few times ever come when men can change the fortunes
and futures of so many
with just a little bit of courage,
by just saying little things, and living decidely
in a manner that guides.
This is a time of great decision for all. No one is exempt.
Life is short, and you will never again live in such an age.

The Brotherhood of the Sacred Word is a spontaneous cultural movement of men rediscovering the significance of classical morality and the eternal path of the mystic and God-seeker, who live together to strengthen their ideals and make a cultural difference.

These men interested in fundamental morality, genuine yoga, and cultural regeneration of their people live together in households of 3-5 men, as roommates, for savings, spiritual culture, brotherhood, and mutual benefit. We are not a monastic order, but just short of one. We are not an organization, but a cultural movement. We are one brotherhood of many brotherhoods, genuinely sharing life, resources, knowledge, and strength.

The households have a regular nightly meditation, and chastity ideals are encouraged and strengthened, and natural brotherhood and friendship enjoyed.

Some of the households are more organized and engage in teaching activities, such as the development of the website www.celibacy.info and other community activities.

You can be from any religious background, or seeking to deepen yourself in priniciples of your own original religion. If you are interested in joining a brotherhood household write your answers to the questions below, tell about yourself, and email to: letters "at" celibacy.info.

Is meditation and inner God-Communion your greatest interest? Is divine realization your top goal?

Do you love solitude?

Are you working to overcome any addictions?

Do you want to pursue traditional sexual morality, as taught in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity? Would you like to come into the secrets of celibacy?

Then you might like to know about The Brotherhood Of The Sacred Word. But let's go further:
Do you know what the word "discrimination" actually means?

Do you love studying yogic scriptures and comprehending eternal yogic principles? Would you like access to excellent libraries of mystical literature?

Would you like some high-quality association with other spiritual men, and to receive the benefit of their influence?

Would you like to help regenerate the modern male? Would you like to see the return of real saints to your country?

Then it is highly likely that you would be interested in The Brotherhood. But let's go further:
Are you Christian? Hindu? Yogic? Jewish? Do you already have a guru such as Yogananda, Karunamayi, Muktananda, or Christ? Would you like to deepen your spiritual realization, within your own faith by deepening in the "guru principle?"

Then  you are very rare bird, and already near to The Brotherhood.
Do you want to be connected to successful and spiritual men?
Do you still have a desire to master the world and have the best worldly success, in your terms?

Would you like to help the people of the world, and the world itself, in the best possible ways, by representing and teaching the living ancient dharma, the eternal truth?

And do you want to end your life in a noble way surrounded by real friends who knew you well, leaving a real spiritual legacy to the world?

Then there is even more likelihood that you would love The Brotherhood of the Sacred Word.

The Brotherhood of the Sacred Word is an alliance of men designed to foster all of the above interests and goals for its members.It is wide ranging and far flung. It exists in local space and in cyberspace.  The most basic purpose of The Brotherhood is to encourage in men: Meditation, Moral Restraint, Scriptural Study and understanding, and to provide various degrees of high quality Spiritual Fellowship.

Advanced Brothers also help the world with some degree of writing, publishing, and presenting.

For more information on The Brotherhood write to: julian "at" sacredword.com. (The email address is written this way to foil email address harvesters on the web.) Tell a little about yourself, your interests, situation and desires. There are thirteen points listed above. Respond to each of the thirteen points. We will write back about the situation of the Brotherhood and the requirements for connecting with it.