Our Agreements

We in the Brotherhood of the Sacred Word
Are Agreed On These Things:

Continence improves the life, strengthens meditation, and gives divine experience.

The peoples and their nations are good,
and should be protected, and m any aspects of their religious and cultural heritage should be defended.

At the same time, our people require teaching and regeneration. But part of that is reintroducing them to their own heritage, with higher knowledge.

That religions of the peoples are good. But they also that they need to be clarified, revivified, and taught more effectively,
in particular aspects of Hinduism and Christianity, our forte.

That the most critical factor in the protection and guidance
of the peoples is 1) the religious realization of the men,
and 2) their natural male friendship, brotherhood, and cohesion which is founded on the first.

That there is a dire and urgent need to make a stand for the people and their guidance.

We agree to stand together and personally to champion morality among the people based on the cornerstone brahmacharya ideal, and to stand against immorality and degeneration with clear criticism and denunciation.

We eagree that the truest and first response to that need is to travel and move to the places where other brothers are, to meet in real life, then to stand together and make common cause in teaching the people, and creating a refuge and haven for other men to develop the same way in real life as a cultural movement for chastity, meditation, and racial regeneration.

A secondary true response to that need is helping our Brotherhood to teach, wherever you are. Chastity, meditation, and religious realization should be sought, and all three should be taught.

Those are the agreements of the Brotherhood of the Sacred Word.
We men are agreed on these.