Songs by Julian Lee

The Western Sky

The Exiles

Hymn For Dresden

Ancestor Song

Johnny Oh

Anthem For The Men Of The West

My Realizations
The Autobiography of Julian Lee

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The Saddhu's Impulse: The Urge to Know

...It was the lack of any understanding and any convictions that was the worst. What is this world? What is life for? What is true? What is false? What is Good, really? What is Bad or evil? I didn't know any of this. In this void an impulse rose up to get away from all of it. I felt that if I could leave my mother's environment, I could somehow get a clear view of truth and the world.

At this same time I had a friend, Rick Siberall, who was working the summer in western Montana, in a little town called Polson. We had played together in a few bands. He was a keyboardist and had always coveted his authentic Hammond B-3 organ. I had lived with him  in Ames when he was attending his first school there and I tried to "make it" in rock music...

Earlier on Rick had introduced me to Marty, another musician, who was always oddly mellow. In high school he had become a partaker of marijuana. Next he had become a big fan of Psyillicibin mushrooms, and was always enthusing about the experiences he had. The stoner Marty used to draw cartoons in class making fun of me, Rick, and others of our cadre...
I Become a Seeker
I run away from home for the fourth time

Back at my mother's, 
I was desperate. The world made no sense. I had no direction. I had to get away from this place, step back from the world, and look at it. I had seen advertisements in the back of Rolling Stone magazine for jobs with the Merchant Marine, in which you could travel on ships. Earlier in my teens I had had a fantasy and passion about traveling old Europe, such as France, and had been very stirred by books like "Europe on a Dollar a Day." But I had not been mature enough, or prosperous enough, to act on it. Now I felt that I needed to travel, no matter what. I remembered the the letter from Rick. The west sounded free, pure, and spacious. I decided I would surprise Rick in Montana.

I had hitchhiked a few times in Des Moines...

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