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   How Men Save Their People

White men will save their people surely and without fail if they do these four things:

1 Regenerate themselves morally

2 Get the 'Beatles Effect'

3 Set aside one day weekly to think of God and seek God within.

4 Teach positive White identity and do racial regeneration activism with their brothers -- especially in-real-life, and living close together, and setting the example to other White men (and women) how to do all the same and to teach the same.

Moral Regeneration

Moral regeneration is ceasing from sexual sin: Incontinence, unchastity, sex outside of marriage, and porn. This is also the cessation of one's own disruption of his external world-picture that occurs through self-hemorrhage and self-rape (incontinence). (World disturbance, invasion, loss, etc. are founded on the destruction of one's own inner self and body by sexual sin. They arise directly like that, just as hitting a movie projector with a hammer while it projects a movie causes the movie to shake, a bowl of soup spills when you hit it with your hand, a branch shakes when a monkey swings on it, etc.) There is no world preservation or race preservation for the incontinent; only continued destruction of the outer "Garden" caused by himself. Racial invasion or collapse is just one more feature of the self-created destruction of the "garden."

The male sex orgasm is the male period and has a profound impact on his inner state. A practical and human problem attends heavy bleeders is that they loses their strong attraction to women. Because they freely give themselves sex gratification, no matter what the personal cost, they have no motivation to marry. They also lose their keen appreciation for women, as well as their respect and a wholesome view of women. Men who self-empty beyond once monthly (the interval nature decrees to women), lack male qualities. Not only is their attraction to women weak; they lose their attractiveness in the eyes of women. Men with traditional morality who value continence have natural male virtues of virility, courage, confidence, sharpness, energy, creative mind and wit. Thus men who give to themselves the creative hemorrhage often tend to not attract women, not marry, and not create families. Here at the bottom of the Dark Age (Kali Yuga), in this Porn Age, the number of these types of men is at epidemic levels. White women who care about their race should learn to speak contemptibly of all men who use porn, and freely use such terms as wankers, masturbators, bleeders, pornlings, and worms. Truly, a man who has more periods than yourself is not really a man at all, is totally undisciplined, lacks wisdom, and is a cheater of women. To repeat, the porn surfer and masturbator is cheating women, cheating his race, involved in both self-destruction and destruction of his race. In the past, religion plus clear understanding of the significance of male continence -- kept this dire situation from developing.

This is the truth, known by the sages of the Vedas and Upanishads and the European Christian saints. It is the key to both racial generation as well as luminous religious knowledge. For chastity also makes a man's mind strong,  capable of concentration, and capable of penetrating anything he wishes to penetrate on behalf of himself or his people.

The Beatles Effect

The "Beatles Effect" is where your natural women are powerfully attracted to you. The Beatles Effect comes from the simple phenomenon of "men in agreement."

It is especially strong for "men in harmony" and "men in brotherhood." 

"Men in brotherhood" comes from and is founded upon the first thing: male morality. Men who are in a highly sexualized state or sexual sin isolate. These men are repelled by each other and keep great distance from other men. Men who are wholesome make close male bonds naturally. The "Beatles Effect" comes from the free development natural male friendship and brotherhood that only prospers among men when they are moral and wholesome.

Then, when the men of a race are connected, in natural friendship, and close male brotherhood, their women are strongly attracted to them then. Women require this for security and for strong attraction. 

The reason young women became so attracted, emotional, and screamed over John, Paul, George and Ringo was that fundamental and timeless natural reality and power: "Men in harmony." This means men interacting, getting along, happy to be together, and doing creative,  intrepid works together. It is the nature of the male to do creative and intrepid things. But they do the biggest and best things, and show true strength, when they work together in harmony. Women know this by instinct and require this condition in men in order to feel strong attraction plus security for making family and procreation.

When women see their "men in harmony" and doing intrepid things -- which only men harmony can do -- the female bones say:

-- "We will have a successful harvest."

-- "We will make it through the winter."

-- "We will repel the enemy."


-- "We can make babies."

Again, the women of any race need to see their men in solidarity, harmony, and productive brotherhood to remain powerfully attracted to them. They will despise men who are all isolated from one another, can't work in coordination, and bicker. Lack of male association and alliance is great weakness, and this weakness fails to attract women on the instinctive level. Notice that the Jewish men are this way naturally and collaborate. Notice that Hispanic men coming up from Mexico have this male brotherhood because of their simpler background. What destroys male brotherhood are 1) immorality, and 2) too much civilization and technology (which separates people), and 3) Wars. The last, wars, hurts natural male friendship simply because of the loss of fathers and fathering. (Also because the trauma of war, for those surviving fathers, usually makes them less present and less emotionally able as fathers later.) When boys and young men have strong and present fathers they naturally form mutually supportive and harmonious relationships with other men later. We can't change the fact of the wars that have taken so many White men and weakened the fathering quotient in our present White societies. However, immorality and corruption is even more separative to men, keeping them distant. When men become morally regenerated they see other men clearly: Appreciating the natural nobility of the male and placing a great value on those relationships because they do not contain the confusing and corruptive element of  sexuality (as with male-female friendships). In other words, wholesome men like to have male friends and revere their virtuous male friends. This sets the ground for close collaboration, "men in harmony," and "the Beatles Effect." Put briefly: White women will flock to White men who are in stable and productive friendship and like to get things done together. Even White women who were tempted to race-mix will regret it upon seeing THEIR men, in harmony. It is only the lack of that element among modern White males (as well as propaganda) that make White women even entertain the prospect of race-mixing. Women will always go mad for their men when they see them "together" and in harmony, and their racial bones want to mate with their own kind. But when White men are not in close brotherhood and mutual support, then their men are weak; there is a lack of security, and a lack of the natural female attraction. So  do 1: Quit porn and get morally regenerated, then do 2: Network with other men. Ideally, room up together until married, and carry out works for your race. That is the natural way of the past.

Reserve a Day For God, Your Ancestors' Sunday

As to the third, our ancestors did this every Sunday. White men should reclaim this plus practice more intensive prayer and God-search (meditation) on that day.  Religious realization gives all boons and all protection. But one must seek that realization and knowledge. The true "first law" of Christianity is "Seek God." God cannot be known, or the authentic knowledge of religion uncovered in the form of bliss and prosperity, unless one seeks for That. As with all difficult studies or attainments, special effort and concentrated focus bring the best results and the fastest results. Special focus on spiritual aspiration and discipline is the purpose of the White European tradition of reserving every Sunday for God.

Sunday has also been the traditional day of community solidarity as natural communities went to church and saw and greeted each other, at the least, once per week. This creates and maintains the ties and bonds that make a community a community. By going to church each Sunday our White European ancestors created and maintained their natural ethnic communities, their natural ethnic bonds deepened and maintained by the highest ideals and principles of religion, celebrated together weekly. Church was, in fact, the main glue of natural ethnic cohesiveness for White Europeans. With an awakening to the value of eons-created race and ethnicity, as found in the Vedas and Upanishads, church can continue to play that vital role.


The fourth, racial regeneration and activism come naturally after the first three. Especially when White men are in physical proximity, including living together,  connected in real life, and mutually supportive.
With these four there is no way for the race to fail or lose.
Now, this verse speaks of the fact that men devoted to Purusha-God get race uplift and race-preservation; those not devoted to God will get race-destruction:

"Whosoever looks for the Brahman-class elsewhere than in the Self, was abandoned by the Brahman-class.

"Whosoever looks for the Kshatra-class elsewhere than in the Self,was abandoned by the Kshatra-class.

"Whosoever looks for the the worlds elsewhere than in the Self, was abandoned by the worlds.

"Whosoever looks for the Devas [the lesser gods] elsewhere than in the Self, was abandoned by the Devas.

"Whosoever looks for the Vedas [the scriptures] elsewhere than in the Self, was abandoned by the Vedas.

"Whosoever looks for the creatures elsewhere than in the Self, was abandoned by the creatures.

"Whosoever looks for anything elsewhere than in the Self, was abandoned by anything."

Here I note that the scripture is using a term often used for Nirguna Brahman ("the Self"), but stating that pursuit of It protects one's outer interests and fulfills outer desires, in a way we would associate with the Christian form of God (Saguna Brahman) Who is a boon-bestower, protector, etc. This is one of the metaphysical confusions I mentioned can be found in the Upanishads (and the Bible, too). Yet the principle applies to either one: Whoever is devoted to God-with-form or God-as-Pure-Consciousness will have his interests protected. So there is no need to quibble about it.

It is interesting to observe the inclusion of the scriptures in that list. ("The Vedas.") He who "looks for" the scriptures without placing God first in his mind is "abandoned by the scriptures." What does that mean? It means that he who sincerely seeks God Himself, as a devotee, has two things happen: 1) Great scriptures come to him, those that make sense, answer his questions, resolve his doubts, and lift him higher. Further, he gets insight and understanding into them. For the one who does not seek God Himself, he'll find few scriptures that engage or guide him; what he finds will be a mass of contradictions, nonsense, and confusion for him. (You get the religions you deserve; you get the scriptures you deserve.) As God upgrades your world-dream through austerities-born purification and responds to your bhakti, better and better scriptures appear in one's world-dream. He is not abandoned by scriptures and they yield their secrets to him.

There is a Bhagavad-Gita verse similar to the above Upanishad in Chapter 19:

"He who meditates on me with a oneness of mind,
ever-united to me by incessant devotion,
I secure for him what he lacks and preserve what he has."

Upanishadic verses repeatedly reference protection of one's loved ones -- even their own enlightenment -- as a natural consequence of God-attainment by a devotee. A verse I read the other day stated something like '21 generations of ancestors back in time, and forward into the future are assured enlightenment' -- by the devotee's attainment of God. In other words, the Creator knows that each man has his attachments to his loved ones and that wants to see their protection and prosperity. In that way God is just like us. Purusha-God or God-as-a-person has feelings, attachments, and predilections. If you were a Powerful Father and had a son or daughter, you too would secure for them happiness in family life, a loving spouse, etc. It is Nirguna Brahma -- Pure Consciousness -- that is "no respecter of persons."

In getting God one gets all. Certainly this principle extends to a man's further family of race and his desires for them. Surely the verse above from the Brihadaranyaka is stating that a man sees his race protected by devotion to The Self, source of all good.

To put the verse in relevant terms for Whites today: White men concerned about race preservation and nation preservation need to turn to God and that will become possible. Without turning to God, it will be impossible. One's race, and its beauty or charms or whatever one likes about it -- is a gift of God. This same lesson is given in the Hebrew story of Abraham being asked to sacrifice his son. Once God saw that Abraham put God first and before his son, God wanted him to have his son. All desires of the mind are given to the devotee who thinks devotionally of God. I note that the White Europeans were not experiencing miscegenation or national destruction during the periods when they were the most religious and filled their churches every Sunday, singing hymns to God. (God loves hymns sung to Him. It is a form of sacrifice, in the Upanishads, as good or better than saying grace at meals.) So-called pro-Whites who attack the Christian religious heritage are ignoramuses with no cosmic understanding.

"God can raise up 'Children of Israel' from these stones."

Some Whites want to be materialists and deny the fact that a mystery stands behind the exterior phenomena that science has never grasped or controlled. They like to talk about "genes" and reduce the White race down to some nucleic acids. But genes are inert matter. We "wear" or dress in our gene costumes; they don't wear us. Genes come from consciousness; consciousness does not come from genes. The White Race (and other ethnicities) are originally creations of the mind and consciousness, whether that of Brahman or our own. There is something far more subtle than genes. An ideal or vision for a race, plus samskaras (impressions) of same in you is the true basis of a race's existence. The physical law (genes, etc.) only follows and comports with that. The race-ideal in consciousness is like the great moose moving through the water; the genes are just it's trail as it makes in the water. The material follows consciousness. What John-the-B. is saying is the very same: Stones, like genes, are inert matter. A race comes from God and Consciousness. Thus getting right with God -- and becoming heir to the power of His consciousness -- is what raises up the "Children of Israel"; i.e. raises up the Race. The inert material called genes, without God, are worthless. (Similar lessons will be learned in the ignorant depredation into nature called cloning. They will find that their so-called duplications are not really duplications at all, but something flawed.) Seek God and your material considerations -- genes and the rest -- will be taken care of. Mental Note, atheist pro-Whites: Whites have always been a God-seeking and religious people!

White men pursing chastity and devoted to Purusha-God will witness the return of racial protection and racial regeneration based on this principle, and not otherwise. For this reason I needed to place a word for God in "Anthem for the Men of the West" or else it would be worthless. And I wanted direct the White mind to the Upanishads. This will regenerate Christianity. The Upanishadic religions also contain content that is race-affirming.

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