American Saddhu Aphorisms
Brotherhood of the Sacred Word

The holy word "Aum" is a real thing and the religious man practicing the right techniques will hear it. Not just once, but quite a lot.
In my Brotherhood's 6th Accomplishment, gathering, the most simple form of it is simply 2 or more of us standing out on the street, visibly, discussing dharma and the world. All of our power and influence is in this alone.

The great secret of yogic attainment, spiritual development, and gaining the Magic of God is to be able to put yourself into states of awe. This is synonymous with developing the bhakti attitude. It includes "the sense of the sacred." It used to be that these states were attained by our ancestors in special environments created just for that purpose, and special ceremonies in these places. These were called "churches" and "church services." The state of spiritual awe, auspicious for getting the yogic attainments and also powers -- is easily attained in the churches attended by our grandfathers/mothers. Who knew? Love your people.

All young men should embrace times of homeless living and homeless journeying, for the sake of God, for the sake of their race, and in order to fulfill a young man's instinct to know trials and heroism, to develop toughness and independence, and open the way to inner knowledge by this detachment and austerity. Old men should embrace it also.

The sound of Aum is like the sound of many inner rivers. All the rivers are different and lead you to endless new vision and blissful awareness. Listening to to these inner rivers -- aspects of Aum -- gives knowledge, inspiration, protection, and powers.

Overcoming the gross mortal breath is indeed overcoming the World.

Pains in the body, piercings, red-hot spots and pokes in the feet and head, these are the delight of the progressing yogi in our lineage. They come for sure from the cessation of gross mortal breath.

When getting out of your body consciously during sleep, for an astral projection, you will realize that all environments similar to the earthly world -- such as your room, house, or town, are being held together by you, through memory. You will then realize that the whole outer world actually goes away and does not exist when you are in the sleep state. Except inasmuch as you hold it together during astral projection. For the same reason that world, experienced during astral projection, soon develops anomalies and major strange aspects. It takes a supreme effort to hold it in the remembered boring, inert form, thus why you are terribly tired after those kind of "world-like" astral projections. There is no need to do these things, but our Raja Yoga has all knowledge in it.
All human beings seek bliss because God is bliss and they come from God-bliss. The search for bliss is the search for God. Thus the key difference among humans is how/where they seek bliss; their strategies to get it. Some strategies are wise, some destructive and unwise. Seeking bliss by austerities, meditation, and religious culture (bhakti-yoga) -- is the wise path to bliss. That bliss only grows, only heals you, and never harms you. Getting that divine causeless bliss (having no outer cause) makes you a real benefit to others.

I get divine bliss from Christian church. It was getting divine bliss from church that stimulated my kundalini in my spine, and later opened the way to the divine things within: Aum and inner light. For a Christian to say "No you shouldn't want bliss in church" is like saying "You shouldn't want God, and you must picture a God who is LESS attractive than the bliss I'm about to seek this Sunday afternoon by working on my car, watching my favorite TV show, and having sex with my wife. You must visualize a God who is less attractive than all the forms of bliss I favor far more than church and hotly pursue." That's what that ignorant Christian is saying when they want to remove bliss from religion and from God, in their heads. For a knower, Christian church service is blissful, and God is blissful. With this understanding, Christianity can regenerate and the churches fill up again with happy families...
For a man who is cultured and experienced, the world does not contain bliss and the world is not right, until he sees happy children playing out under the blue, near woods and wild, close to their mothers. Then the world has bliss and the world contains its highest fruit. All his efforts should be bent to create such conditions that children are happy, near their mothers, and gradually developing virtue for blissful adulthood.

People don't know what they had till they lose it.

"We are respectors of Peoples. We want the preservation of God's diversity. Including our own unique White peoples."
Dharma is periodically rediscovered and re-promulgated by gifted men.
A young man should stand for something in his life. When analyzed out, we find that most young men today stand for nothing but the pursuit of endless random pleasures. If you can stand for your race, you stand for something important. If you also stand for the ancient dharma that saves, now your life is really on the cosmic map! Your life is truly worthwhile.
Our street Brotherhood's Values and Beliefs:
Bhakti-Yoga -- Brahmacharya -- Racial Protection & Resistance
God Is Bliss -- Pro-Family -- Anti-Drug
We live in various states of homelessness and semi-homelessness, valuing that experience and state.
Male Chastity Highly Valued (Brahmacharya) -- Pro-Christian -- Bhakti -- Shaktipat -- Non-Dualist
Ascetic -- Traditional Morality -- Ethnic Heritage -- Counter-Semitic
Eco-Positive -- Nationalist -- Meditation (a concentrated form of prayer) Gives God Knowledge
Against White Genocide -- Preservation of Natural Communities
Valuing Natural Brotherhood plus Supportive of Natural Marriage for the Qualified
Exponents of the Yogic content of the Bible, the Upanishads, and the Yoga-Sutra
Racially Positive -- Respect for Peoples -- Pro-White

One of the most useful items in American saddhuing, Level 2, is tea candles. They can be used to heat your vehicle, to cook food, and provide light. They are cheap. It's amazing how one small flame changes a dark space into a nice place, a magical cave.
As the Jews tighten their grip around Whites for their genocide, nothing is really Happening until young White European men (and all ages) gather together for common cause. And there is no more powerful common cause than dharma that regenerates our religion.

Giving a friendly smile or nod to your kinsmen when you pass them is the emblem of civilization. Don't be a leftist stoneheart.
In leftist dystopias, simply smiling at passing kinsmen is an outstanding act and stirs the souls. Easy!

‡ ‡ ‡

This page contains the highest religious knowledge (spiritual knowledge) plus genuine yoga, and all needed to protect, save, and raise up the various European peoples, and all peoples of their various kinds.

"Celibacy" here really refers to continence and male moral self-mastery. If a man can't be celibate for 3 days he's not a human being. Almost nobody is celibate for life. But all effort at continence and saving yourself within gives flowers and fruit in your life.

Only men who respect themselves sexually and try to reduce their periods to a human level are men motivated to marriage. These are the ones who tend to marry and father children. Not the Kaliyugan bleeders and pornlings. When an irrigation system is full of leaks, the water does not reach its destination.
Wherever there are strong rules against misuse of sex you also see strong families and a high birthrate. In these cultures the sexual energy of the male reaches its proper destination instead of Kleenexes and the toilet as in Marxist/Jewish culture. A conservative continence ideal among men = marriage/procreation/families. Wherever you see sexual liberalism, you see the decline of the family and of births. The reason White Europeans had a strong birthrate in the past was that they had rules regarding sex and continence/chastity were valued. This was an implicitly Aryan construction from the instinct that sex is sacred. Though Christian scripture (and the words of Christ) left very little guidance about brahmacharya/continence and the "sex-is-sacred" dharma, yet White Europeans themselves constructed a Christianity full of that idea; which took that all for granted. Tall Christian steeples are in fact European Shiva lingams, just more elegant versions. The Shiva lingam represents sexual potential and consecration of sex to higher goals. The goal just beneath samadhi/God-realization is that of family/wife/children.

Shiva and Shakti

The man at far right is Shiva. All the others are Shakti. Our Brotherhood is an emanation of Shiva.

In the painting above we see illustrated the male Shiva principle and the female Shakti principle. The male is a protector and is happy protecting Shakti so that she may express, enjoy, and make the world. The female desires to create, play, form communities, serve the world. The male desires knowledge and ultimate power. The female desires to be associated with the cool, calm, passionless wisdom of Shiva and its spiritual mystery. Our Brotherhood expresses and masters Shiva-nature via renunciation, austerities, solitudes, continence, and wisdom. For this reason we attract and re-orient shakti and re-engender mankind or our people. This painting also illustrates the benign nature of patriarchy. The male is happy seeing his women and children happy, creating, prospering, and adding beauty to the world. The painting is by Louis J. Anmot, from 1854, titled "Under The Paternal Roof."

Christus Rex form of Christ, the Satguru of the Europeans. Religion is a self-projection and the better projections serve you.
In our Brotherhood's meditation technique one gets into a romance of the breath. Imbibing the inner breath, eschewing the gross breath, and the bliss of kumbhaka becomes his pastime. This is ancient yoga and true pranayama. You have to experience it to understand it.

The street-based Brotherhood demonstrates renunciation to the people, applied and adapted in genuineness for modern times, that same strain of renunciation of the Christian monks and the yogic ascetics. It will both guide and protect the People. Meditation is profound renunciation, fasting is renunciation, living homeless is renunciation. Leaving home is renunciation. But we are still in the Kyastriya phase, not fully in the Forest Sage phase.

These are a baseline style of collarless (banded collar) Brotherhood shirt for Sundays and Saturdays:

The collarless aspect is less worldly, plus evokes our heritage of priests. (Who badly need regeneration.) Our clothing regimen shifts according to the instincts of the headmaster-mentor. If an available style is seen as boring, old, or crass by the people it is not used. Though it mines traditions, our look is ever new and unpredictable.

"Men in agreement" always has influence, especially on women. In a sense, a basic purpose of our Brotherhood is that young White women considering race-mixing (or presently race-mixing), will get second thoughts simply by having one glimpse of us, our togetherness, our happiness, our manliness, our harmony.

One of the signs of cultural rot is that men don't have close associations and enjoyment of supportive brotherhood. In this Kali Yuga, only gays seem to have that! But this situation makes our Brotherhood stand out all the more.

‡ ‡ ‡

If a young man can stop having periods (become continent) for a week, he becomes a human being. If he can be chaste for a month at a time, he becomes a real man with a real man's powers and heroism.If he can get continent periods beyond a month he becomes a hero and exceptional man, naturally.If he keeps this difficult effort up for seasons and years, he becomes unique, wise, influential, magical, a sage.

Living rent-free in America is very easy because the whole nation is filled with cars, vans, campers, etc. They are available for cheap and they make excellent, comfortable homes, rent free. Our way shows a New Way for the people to get free and culturally rally

Men who experience this racial fellowship of the streets, who can embrace discipline and culture, experience delight over and over, both solitarily and in their times with Brothers.

In a Leftist dystopia people are afraid to converse about anything important. They assume disagreement is all around them, and the conservative people have been cowed into silence. In this situation, simply speaking about important things -- even in a whisper -- becomes a subversive, dangerous, and powerful act.

‡ ‡ ‡

When a Brother or yogi experiences the bliss of the breathless state, and inner breathing, the thrills of money, fame, and family fade in significance to him. He is on the ancient and authentic yogi's path.

The Kyastriya (warrior) phase of life is described in the Manu-Dharma-Shastra. Here a man fights to protect his people, and especially morally. He is letting go gradually of the duties of the "householder" phase (husband/father) and addressing the needs of his community. The Kyastriya is, in tradition, the advisor and executive to kings. The Kyastriya is developing a mystical life and is attracted to the "forest sage" or saddhu state, including living it out for specific periods of retreat. But he is still socially involved. We are Kyastriyas (warriors) for our people.

The first basic Accomplishment of our street brotherhood is: Eating, feeding ourselves. Otherwise we don't exist! This is Accomplishment One.
In the Brotherhood, don't be a goomba. A goomba is somebody who looks absurd, is rude, talks loudly on his cell phone or headset walking around, is covered with tattoos, leaves dirty socks and underwear on the floor in the Brotherhood vans, and acts like a retard.

False gurus always have lots of women around them. Above: Jews posing as Hindu gurus. The opportunities for social and racial regeneration at this time are easy, numerous, and obvious. Yet very few men do a thing because of their worldliness and enmeshment with the rubbish of their chart; a pointless attachment to their location.

‡ ‡ ‡

Fasting is one of the most powerful eternal austerities for man. This austerity destroys impurities/bad karma, reduces the need for food in the aftermath, opens up the power to absorb prana (life energy) directly with the mind, opens up mystical perceptions, and improves the health. The founder of this street brotherhood started fasting n his teens, doing many 3-day, 5-day, 7-day, 10-day, 2-week, and one 21 day fast. Our remote and secluded lifestyle away from eaters provides an ideal environment for fasting.

It's easy to buy a van on Craigslist, one that runs with a good body, for $800 to $1200 -- and live in it rent free and payment-free.

Our movement has both shorthairs and longhairs. Both are valuable! A brother should move to the area where his astrological chart serves him best, plus serves the brotherhood best. If he isn't interested in that he is not alive yet.

Living in a Marxist-Jewish dystopia it is very easy to be a spiritual and social revolutionary. Small, natural, and simple things make a huge impact on the people. Our Brotherhood is all about doing that, and regenerating and freeing the people.

‡ ‡ ‡

One of the important signs of progress in meditation is feeling the pranic heat. The guru will be asking sometimes to find out if you are getting it. The right attitude and the right meditation technique will bring these streaks of cool heat, and it will grow.

Eating is very easy in Level Two. All a man needs to do to cook most foods is a small iron fry pan, some tea candles, and something that works as a grill or stand. A 7 dollar steel napkin stand, available at most supermarkets, works fine as a grill for for the pan.

When men don't physically gather together physically for a cause they have no real interest in that cause. They are just uncommitted dabblers.

A mark of these sad modern times is that women are not getting men or decent husbands, and becoming sadder. It's one of our purposes, as a Brotherhood, to create cultural influences that reverse that situation.

‡ ‡ ‡

Once a shaktipat guru came to my town and held a public meeting. I of course brought cut flowers from the florist, and an antique crystal cut bowl full of chocolates, as a gift for the guru. I was surprised nobody else brought anything. Later that bliss-steeped sage slapped me on the back, which was lucky for me. In yoga, attitude is everything. God responds.

Tea tree oil is a highly useful oil to keep around living Level 2. It is easily found in supermarkets or health food stores. It can take away toothaches, stop infections, kill warts, ameliorate pain of ingrown toenails, kill fungus, and kill or reduce warts and prevent or remove skin blemishes.

If a fellow lacks basic manners, politeness, and consideration of others, he is not qualified for meditation, yogic attainments, or membership in our street brotherhood. We are, among many things, the fount of Culture.

When women see "two men in harmony" they are attracted and interested. When they see "three men in harmony" their hearts beat faster and they want to know them. When they see "ten men in harmony" they conform all their views and values to those men, and start trying to marry them and have babies.

‡ ‡ ‡

The bhakti attitude is what gives the greatest progress in spiritual life and yoga, plus continence. Those who have it, know this. They find it out right away.

It's easy to be on the internet and do all kinds of work or business though homeless or quasi-homeless. Most towns of any size have loads of wifi nodes, both needing passwords and without. With an Xfinity subscription you can find strong wifi nodes in many places. Or with a Verizon portable hotspot gizmo Brothers can get online all over town.

Men withdraw from one another because of sex addiction, and because of the Marxist culture that makes it seem subversive and dangerous for them to be close friends.

The goombas and fops walking around with their tattoos, body mutilation, dyed hair, and posing as women -- don't have any of the charisma or power that they think they do. They sought these but failed, becoming merely unsightly, not attractive. But we shine.

‡ ‡ ‡

To spend 10 minutes with a realized sage sitting on a trash heap in an alley is far luckier than spending years hanging around with Hollywood stars in their European hamlets.

The 2nd Accomplishment of our street brotherhood is Getting Good Sleep. This is easily accomplished, in Level 2 Saddhuship, by owning vehicles. It is harder in Level 3 (hard homeless, tents or out open).

One of our American Saddhus never really abandons his family. His children should be his first priority. He should continue to help them monetarily, stay close in mind, and give guidance and support. This is very different from the ideal of Sankara, who didn't seem to appreciate children and was probably gay.

In Leftist dystopias now it's a phenomenon and a stirring event to see 3 or more men gathered happily even for a moment, talking and appearing to be in agreement -- unless they are gay. This provides good men with enormous cultural opportunity. It's easy in these times to shake hearts.,

‡ ‡ ‡

Life gets better when a man understands the real nature of Samsara. Samsara is wild. It can produce any phenomena at all for a time. The mind, also, is wild. The various natural laws men project on the Samsara have no ultimate validity or power. They are held in place for a time only by their own minds and conditioning. Samsara's only real law is its response to mind, response to brahmacharya, and response to purification.

A backpack is a basic need for the American Saddhu in our lineage. It should not be too large, not too small. It should be able to carry a laptop and a few other things. It should not be too fancy, like a mountaineer's pack, but look like an average pack an apartment dweller might use. A good satchel, small or a little big, is also nice.

We are like a Boy Scouts. We are like the "Wandering Birds" but without perversity. We are like proto-Monks in a time of proto-religion spreading the seeds of our people's future rebirth.

Words are full of power. Nowadays White people everywhere have excrement in their mouths. They have been taught by blacks, via Jews, to say the S- word continuously and also the F-word. They help make the environment a hell for others. They say these words in an attempt to make their speech sound powerful, but degrade the environment. They cry out for admonishment and humiliation!

‡ ‡ ‡

Reading scriptures is a blissful experience, but one should approach them with a spacious mind, and one should try varied translations and commentaries before even speculating that he might be starting to understand some aspects of a verse. The good scriptures are deep and contain secrets difficult to unravel. Most translations are flawed and so are most commentaries.
Taking a cold winter as a worst-case scenario, one basic trick to sleeping is to insulate underneath you. Layers of cardboard, available from dumpsters, make a huge difference. Layers of carpet, even better. Layers of blankets -- the thicker the better -- also work. From that basic point a Brother can work on the matter of a more comfortable cushion.

When a man develops continence courage becomes natural to him. Naming the Jew, standing against decadence, living in the forest or on the streets -- these become easy for him.

Nowadays White Europeans lack even basic social skills such as giving introductions when person Three enters into a conversation with two. One purpose of the Brotherhood is to teach and raise up wholesome culture again.

‡ ‡ ‡

The commentaries of Sankara, on the Upanishads, Yoga-Sutra, etc. are amazingly desultory, pointless, a waste of time, absurd, a joke, obviously lacking insight, and typically provide zero insight or even acknowledgment of the occult or mystical content of these verses. Sankara clearly had little yogic attainment or understanding. This is quite a revelation to grasp for those interested in India, yoga, Hinduism.
The 3rd Accomplishment of this street Brotherhood is: Storing things safely. The vehicles, managed wisely, make this an easy matter. But it's a critical matter for remaining functional, having food, and income. There is a vast difference, in life, between being able to store things safely, and not being able to. The latter state is Level 3 and such cannot function in a worldly way.

In these times of Jewish ascendancy and the covert Jewish race war against Whites, simply saying things that are against the new rules--has huge power and frees others. Our street-based Brotherhood does a lot of such powerful speech.

People who love to do most of the talking, in social situations, are the takers and the listeners are the givers. The exception is the one having real knowledge, sharing it with those who actually want that knowledge, or the spiritual sage. These are givers when they talk rather than takers.

‡ ‡ ‡

For a wise young man understanding the meaning of the scriptures, and knowing the true secrets of life, is more desirable to him than houses, material wealth, fame, rock and roll, or the devotion of decent women.

A 4th basic Accomplishment of the Brotherhood is making enough money to function and grow. Not for itself, but to exist and to be effective. Also it's a way to teach competence to other young men who may be destined for marriage and family, and to support racially regenerative people and things.

In the Level Two life one comes to feel sorry for the goombas, house-cretins, and trapped people in their houses and apartments. Their lives become so small because of their attachment to their homes and their fear of freedom. He has zero envy for them. Pities them instead!

When an apple rots it gets brown spots on it. When a culture rots the women get unsightly dark splotches on their bodies.

‡ ‡ ‡

Everybody's seeking the Fountain of Youth in some form. Everybody is seeking to buy some kind of elixir, to drink or eat, that will make them young and solve their physical problems. This elixir, the true one, is Prana. The man who contacts the prana and learns to increase it within --  has found the true Fountain of Youth, the real health food. And only him!

The 5th basic Accomplishment of the Brotherhood is a grab bag: All the various things necessary too support Accomplishment 4! Charging batteries, laptops, software, USB cables, mail, addresses, headphones, keeping cell phones on, acquiring and maintaining the tools we need to function both individually and collectively.
One of the happiest experiences a man can have in life is a happenstance meeting with a brother on the street, when the sun is a certain way, the breeze is a certain way, the trees are a certain way, they feel their work and connection, and the people are uplifted. A man hasn't lived until he has such moments.

One of the strange things about this Kali Yuga is that the people don't know the words to many songs, and most don't know how to sing Thus when a few brothers stand on a corner and sing a song, it shakes people up. If the lyrics are strange and beautiful, all the more.

‡ ‡ ‡

Muktananda said that you should work with a mantra until that mantra becomes "nectar" to you. A true religious man and American saddhu will easily learn what this means.

The first thing to do if going Level Two in a cold environment is to hang plastic sheets on the inside walls of your van, and across the roof, and a barrier to the drivers area. This will immediately provide warmth and make it livable even in winter. Polyethylene plastic rolls, or "painters floor covering" are available cheap in most hardware stores and even supermarkets. If you hang 2 layers all around, it insulates even better! You can rig it up for survival & warmth in 30 minutes. What this does is it creates a definite envelope or body of air which does not move or carry heat away. That trapped body of air begins too warm up. You will normally have leaks, which is needed for fresh air and safety. But these will be there naturally unless you went crazy using tape everywhere.

The feeling of freedom you get when you live out, live free, is very blissful. To be able to share this freedom with a few other men of common goals -- is triple bliss! You want to sing and dance! Who has this?

White men and women now feel they are superior and virtuous if they are walking with a girlfriend/boyfriend from another race. This is of course silly on one end, and tragic on the other. When people see that our Brotherhood is racial, their mental gears get jammed and they can think in new ways, see new ways to go.

‡ ‡ ‡

The main work of a developed yogi is simply to keep burning up all the time. Stay in the burn. Feel the heat. Keep on purifying. Then watch as your external karma upgrades, that is, watch as the external experienced outer world improves on its own. Once you get the burn going, you feel it, and it keeps on. This is the knowledge worth having.

There are varied ways of staying clean and smelling good living in Level Two. Bathroom baths including partial baths, use of essential oils, use of sanitary wipes, changes of clothes, visits to your health club membership showers, visits to the homes of your Level One brothers or relatives, or, just getting the yogic attainment of smelling good no matter what.

Dressing in common ways -- certain hats, certain shoes -- makes a lot of waves. Because it telegraphs "men in agreement" it attracts other men who are the right ones, makes the women want to know them and to align with them, and worries the Jews. It is very fun! Dress according to the instructions of your headmaster.

Three brothers seen about town in a similar hat and boots makes more waves than twenty goombas with their faces covered with tattoos and their earlobes Africa-stretched with disks.

Young men mutilate and Africanize their bodies out of an obsession too be seen as more advanced, better. These men didn't have adequate attention from their fathers thus why they mutilate their bodies desperately trying to make an impression, be noticed, and feel self-esteem thru self-importance. ("I was the first on the block to ruin my earlobes" etc.)

‡ ‡ ‡

When a man gets the Shaktipat by right attitude, continence, and a fruitful approach to a shakitpat guru, all the magic of yoga starts happening of its own. He comes into the realm of the siddhas and the ancient yogis -- right away.

One of the most valuable little items for living Level 2 is paper binder clips. These are available in most stores that have an office supply section. They have numerous uses for arranging your living space, but are especially valuable in hanging curtains or insulation materials.

One of our fun Brotherhood activities is icon-busting. We take a famous person the Jews have hyped as wonderful, great, etc. and we shock the world by deconstructing him/her verbally on the internet etc. This instructs the people, discomfits the Jews, and frees the masses of some of the negative impact of that famous person.

‡ ‡ ‡

Most people have no idea of True Causation. They assign causation to a myriad things, as pure mental invention, then firm up the original notion of causation by conditioning so that it plays out as "real" and "true" for them. The "laws of causation" you have come to have faith in, by conditioning, are actually a gigantic karmic maze-trap. There are only two forms of real causation worth knowing about: Pure Consciousness itself (which can generate anything at all), and the samskaras in the body, reflected in one's natal chart and progressions. Once you are working with these two, alone, you are working with the root of things. Others are lost and wasting their time.

One of the best insulating materials for vans, for comfort in winter, is a product called Reflectix. Also Aluminex. It does wonders to hold in heat and make you comfortable even in a cold winter. But you have to put it up decently. Paper binder clips are extremely useful for that.

The 6th Accomplishment of the Brotherhood is gathering pleasantly, in a Brotherhood manner. At this point we are seeing flowers. At this point we have the real satvic fun. There are two kinds of gathering: 1) In vans/vehicles, and 2) on the street

Nowadays the people play music only for their personal enjoyment, never for praising God or celebrating dharma. To do this latter thing is standing out among the people, surprising all! (The Hare Krsnas had the right idea.)

‡ ‡ ‡

The way you change your world is purifying the body-mind via meditation, other austerities, cooking in the prana, and developing kumbhaka (the blissful breathless state). There is actually no other way anybody can improve their experienced world. Why not learn it yourself so that people have a path and a hope? Go to the root of the problem! The waking body and its impurities.

A basic skill in Level Two living is the matter of Parking. Parking in legal spots, spots that don't bother anybody or make trouble, and relocating your vehicle as needed -- are basic skills to master.

When 2 or more brothers gather in a vehicle, manners should be observed. One should arrive on time or close. The host should have his home in decent order for guests. He should offer conveniences to make all comfortable, such as pillows to lean against, a glass of water in the hot summer, etc. His bedding, clothing, underwear should not be laying about. All brotherhood vanmasters follow a basic orderliness especially when gathering. Thus later marrying men and families understand hospitality.

A man can argue with a woman for hours, days, or years and she'll never adopt his political or social point-of-view. But as soon as she's exposed to 3 men in harmony, sharing that same point-of-view, she will immediately as if by magic conform her views to that male group, adopt those views in every detail, and even become a needed champion for them. In sum: Don't argue with women about politics, it will only create tension between you. Instead, get in mutual support with other men having your view -- most women will conform to your harmonious male group's views as if my magic. Such is the power and influence, upon the female mind, of "men agreed." Meanwhile, most women will never adopt the views of a lone wolf or man in isolation. The lone wolf might have spectacular, elegant views but the female will view them as obviously wrong. But 3 men-in-harmony who believe the moon visits their knapsacks nightly and distributes prasad and we are really all fish-in-disguise -- will have a strong female following. This is just the truth.

A man needs to learn how to treat a woman in such a way that she feels safe to open her heart and give love. This is the true desire deep in most women. She can't do this if you criticize her a lot, argue with her, analyze her view like a male, or put her on the defensive. The woman who feels safe to open her heart becomes the best mother giving the most love to your children (should you
be a marrying man later.)

‡ ‡ ‡

A developed yogi and a sage prefers the varied moods of nature, the changes of sun and cloud, the way grasses grow--the fleeting moments of the day -- all these he prefers over the things experienced in stagnant homes and apartments.

An easy way to heat a van, in winter, is to place a few tea candles beneath a heavy iron fry skillet, on your little makeshift grill. The candles make the pan really hot and it radiates good heat. Never use more than 8 in cold weather, and keep them spaced apart an inch or more. If the temperature beneath the pan becomes too high, the liquefied wax can become alight.

Sri Yukteswar used to say "Learn to behave." This refers to conventional norms of human behavior, the things a decent mother teaches her sons. You flush the toilet. You pick your clothes up off the floor. You don't snort snot in public next to your fellows. You make an effort to keep appointments and arrive on time. You return things you borrow and don't lose them. You don't decorate your host's house or a brotherhood van with plastic cups full of rancid pee. "Learn to behave" means that you have a grasp of ordinary polite and civilized behavior. You must have this attainment to be in this Brotherhood, to be sure. Otherwise you're a distraction and a drag. Be civilized, be polite.

Performing the Brotherhood Street Puja is a profoundly beneficial act both for yourself and for your People. You can even know this by the reactions of the passerby, the illumination they get on their faces, their instinctive understanding and attraction.

‡ ‡ ‡

By abiding in the pranic heat, and increasing it, the samskara content of the body becomes denatured so to speak. It becomes neutralized or made more benign. Same as how rotted vegetables become good, nice-smelling soil in the sun and elements.
Thus the projected world follows suite. This is true magic, true power. A yogi of our Brotherhood enjoys life in our Secret Hideout plus cooking the gross world away.
Music well done attracts and delights people. Music done badly annoys or offends them. It is good for Brothers to develop
their musical abilities.

Doing street sits we get all kinds of reactions from people. Positive and negative. Attracted and distressed. But it's wonderful how many are the positive, even effusive, reactions from the people when they see us -- and they don't even understand why.

When a brother notices an apartment-dweller come forth from their apartment, in pajamas, sweat pants, or other inappropriate attire (to assist their dog to distribute poop and pee everywhere), and realizes how frightened these people would be to spend one night without their safe space, and how little culture they have or even basic manners -- he feels like he is the fount of culture and the only hope for the collapsing culture-less apartment worms.

‡ ‡ ‡

One of the errors of Sankara, in his commentaries on Upanishads, is his statement that everything we experience in the dream state is simply rehashed impressions from the waking life. This is clearly not so. We do see unique, never-seen things in dreams. We even experience that in waking life!

If your street movement is living with a cold winter, small propane heaters in your vans are really easy to get, available in most hardware stores or even supermarkets, and they make a dramatic upgrade of comfort. One item is called "Mr. Heater." Brothers must have a couple of his windows cracked about 1.5-2 inches to make sure fumes don't build up, and best to use them sparingly during the coldest parts of an evening or morning. This is a big upgrade from tea-candles-under-a-skillet.

Learning what burnt things make sweet and interesting smells in our street-sit pujas, this is a part of Brotherhood knowledge. For my cadre it includes applewood & cedar, incense resins, various seeds, dried orange peels, and secret seeds. The smoke should smell pleasant and food-like.

Every age has its special opportunities, where doing a Great Thing is as easy as pushing over a newspaper box. In these times, because of the car culture, some fellows can become famous and well-known simply by walking about now and then -- even in a huge metropolis. The street has become a movie screen or canvas; the people in cars, unseen and hidden, see you everywhere and Think: "Who are those guys?" You are famous and known by thousands -- just by walking about town. When Brothers do expeditions and missions, even for the slightest cause, this huge power is exploited naturally.

‡ ‡ ‡

The way you change your world is purifying the body-mind via meditation, other austerities, and cooking in the prana. There is actually no other way anybody can improve their experienced world. Why not learn it yourself so that people have a path and a hope? Go to the root of the problem! The waking body and its impurities.


In our brotherhood our look stands out. We look like we might be homeless, but we are clean, somehow classy, exotic yet strangely traditional and American looking, mystical yet manly and wild, and we have dress commonalities and this is strangely powerful.

In reality women feel they only truly KNOW a man by observing how he interacts with other men. They only come to truly respect a man by seeing how other men regard him. This is why women fall deepest in love with men who have other close male friends. In a sense the men themselves (respectful friends of that man) TEACH the watching woman how to view him, how he should respected; clue them into his virtues -- in such a way that she would never know otherwise. His male friends INSTRUCT the interested lady regarding him. This is why women are so influenced by men-in-harmony and why men-in-harmony are able to reconstruct natural processes and move the race forward.

‡ ‡ ‡

Asceticism is the way. But then, when a man gets deep contact with The Transcendental, and he doesn't want to be a madman, a child, a ghoul, a python or piece of wood -- he deeply seeks things that will pull him back into the human realm. He may then nurse a few vices!

One good brotherhood business in this life is housecleaning. Regular clients can be developed. Contacts and connections with property develop (nooks, crannies, helpful landed patrons). Related business, also good: Handymen, small repair, painting, carpentry, gardening.

To understand this Brotherhood study the Waldensians, that early European movement of homeless wandering Christians.

Having the two natal moons in constructive and close aspect (Conjunction, Sextile, Trine) is one of the most important factors in marriage compatibility for a couple.This is a first Mating Administration. Our Brotherhood in its 2nd Epoch will do much match-making using this and other knowledge -- to help the people.

‡ ‡ ‡

If you're getting bliss and it's increasing you know your path is right. If you are getting divine manifestations, in body or outside, it's further confirmation. If your mind gets siddhis or special signs of grace, you have a third assurance your path is good. If you can observe your outer experienced world upgrading and if you can be assured that it's not simply an astrological transit -- you have more than most saints and yogis of lore. You have reached the highlands of Knowledge.

The various homeless characters in a big metropolis -- most of them are drug addicts and negative types. Most of them should be avoided. The Brothers should keep to themselves and only cultivate another vagabond if he has real satvic qualities and intent. Strangely, there are those among them also. Wanderers, seeking. This keeping to ourselves will instruct the better among the vagabonds, plus give us a better niche in the mind of the apartment- and home-dwellers.

If good astrological timing is used, almost any event can turn out attractive and influential on the people. For example, doing our street sit and Puja while moon is making a certain aspect to Venus (etc.) pretty much assures that most people find it attractive and charming. This knowledge is powerful whether guiding our Brotherhood, guiding couples, or guiding kings.

To understand this Brotherhood study the life of Christ and his disciples, who wandered homeless. Wandering homeless with Him was the Basic Thing Jesus asked a man to do when he found a decent man! Then he made his "lilies of the field" statement. Think about it.

‡ ‡ ‡

Karma is all cruel. The charts are all cruel. Everyone is living out a cruel existence of gains/losses, passing satisfactions/sorrows. No natal chart is without cruel sorrows. The only refuge is in grace, in the breathless state, in kumbhaka, in the burning up of the body via prana. Only this frees from hellish human existence. Why not learn it show you can some day point it out to others?

Wifi cafes, coffee houses, various restaurants, shopping centers with benches and wifi, food courts -- these are our natural daily habitat and we get much done there for the sake of income, world service, and racial regeneration.

In our Brotherhood we smell good. We wear high quality fragrances when we are walking about, or puja-sitting. This has it's own advantages for our reputation/image, and also relates to the founder's experience of divine smells for many years. Fragrance is one of our signs or traits on the street.

A techno-barbarian has all kinds of devices, wastes his mind with many video games and gadgets, but doesn't know how to say "hello" or "goodbye," how to sit politely in a chair or eat food, how to dress in a dignified or respectful way, how to comb or arrange his hair. The techno-barbarian is a kind of goomba, but one having many gadgets, I-phones, and stupid-knowledge of technology. He can be laughed at and called absurd whenever there is the time.

‡ ‡ ‡

It is a great yoga to walk through, or hang around, in places that are bustling and loaded with people during the day. The yogi realizes that all those people, now sleeping, have no interest in this place now, plus their interest in it during the day is deluded. He prefers the place in its empty state just as much as its daytime state full of deluded ghosts.

A Brother must learn to sit in the various cafes in an attractive way and not be a goomba over-staying in the place. He should buy things. He should look good. Not take up much space. He should be pleasant, well-liked by the staff. The Brothers have a variety of spots and keep expanding them.

No matter what propaganda the (((Marxists))) propound attempting to hamstring Gentile males and take him out of leadership and his protective role, the fact remains that the male is Always Out Ahead and Around the Curve relative to the female. Only blindness or manipulation obscures this. OK, so now women ride a horse after men tamed it. But men are off in some new area she can't reach.
Say, computer programming. Oh, but now there are female programmers, the field is tamed, they become grunts and nurses in the field, while men have run off to some other plane beyond them. This never ends. The new plane might be homeless living, kumbhaka, samadhi, warfare, siddhis -- but the men are always around the curve. Once women accept this and learn to be helpmates to men in a feminine way, riding and surfing on the thrill of his wake, everybody is happy again. A woman is never satisfied without a male she can worship, anyway.

You see all the W. European ladies walking to the "yoga studio" with their requisite rubber "yoga mats" in their lycra and spandex pants. Yoga was uncovered by men and is still only mastered by men, and is all about conquering of mind, contacting God, and ending the sorrows of duality. Are we going to just sit there life long and fail to represent to our women what yoga really is? Are we going to let her dream that it's about body postures, female gatherings, spandex pants, and rubber mats? What is the matter with you men who stay in your silly wooden boxes and fail to join our movement?

‡ ‡ ‡

People come together then go apart and it goes on infinitely in samsara. The true union, the one that satisfies and remains, is the union with the sat-chit-ananda behind your mind. We brothers seek this and attain it by meditation, austerities, and bhakti-yoga which we do in our street-sits. It gives joy to all who observe; joy to the lost. For this is what they all seek, also.

One must be very careful with fire in his vehicle or dwelling. This includes candles used for light and cooking, or propane stoves and heaters. All kinds of mistakes can be made by a goomba or careless Brother. A Brother should have on hand a water spray bottle, a container full of ash or dirt, a good fireproof blanket, and even a little fire extinguisher to fend off tragedy if he starts a fire by accident in his vehicle. Listen to the guru so you don't burn yourself up in a fiery blaze and make us famous-as-idiots. Listenership is very good. Nothing that the guru or headmaster says is without purpose, or idle talk, or a throwaway.

The best cadres, cells, and street-based communities of regenerate men will be formed where brothers have beneficial planets in each others' locational 4th house. The best planets are Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune. The best of these for our purposes are Mercury and Jupiter. With these situations, men naturally move to be in proximity or physical home-sharing with the others (even street-based) and they contribute to matters of home, food, lodging, survival, security, and community building. This same principle applies in guiding marrying-couples of men and women (in matchmaking).

A teaching activity both powerful and entertaining, which our Brotherhood engages is to mock destructive Jew icons online. Choose especially those who have done the most damage to the people/culture. These might include David Bowie, Bob Dylan, etc. It's quite astounding the shock that is produced by simply saying any discouraging word about these Jew icons online, even from an anonymous account. The whole rotting empire of Mordor seems to start falling apart and deluded people have conniptions and outrage. Meanwhile, the sacrud cow (of whatever celebrity) starts dying. There are so many unholy Jewish taboos to break at this time, so many unholy cows walking about, and it's so easy to do this! Doing it as a group is even more fun. Three guys working the same agenda online can seem like a nation in these situations.

‡ ‡ ‡

When most men get too much bliss, too much Aum, too much pratyahara, too much divine drunkenness -- they want to draw back from it to maintain their humanly conscious state. This is basically what Buddha did and referred to it as "middle path." He didn't want to go all the way. It's OK. You are there beside the Holy City.

Having several keys for your vehicle, in different places, is wisdom. Locking yourself out of your vehicle is basic stupid. One should have a key around his neck, attached to his belt in a secure way (and in the pocket or out), and perhaps one well hidden on the outer body of the vehicle (below), and perhaps another hidden out in the field. Practice the key-keeping ways of your particular cadre.

A good technique to use if getting too much of a crush on a female (happens to us Brothers too!): Imagine what she'll look like in another 10 or 20 years. Get practiced at realizing how faces and bodies (of women) actually do change with age. Pretty soon the fetching "goddess" you're bothered about can be seen as just like a' frumpy old schoolteacher you knew, or somebody's 40-something mom with the fat face,. etc. Basically, age her in your mind and ask: "Will I still be so passionate about her then?"

In this western world we Gentiles have created, all try to be so clever, clever, clever. There is the clever new car that you can't even hear passing. There are the clever public bicycles with the battery packs. And over there is the clever new device, tablet, smart phone. Yet sorrow remains, dualistic blowback provides negatives to match all these clever "positives." Few are clever enough to work with their own breath, find out how they are manifesting this world, get satisfaction by their on inner bliss, and upgrade their world-dream by purifying their body through the mastery of pranayama. This is real cleverness. All the other clever people are simply re-arranging duality, which is like re-arranging turds on a table. The Delusion of Technological Progress is actually not clever at all. This is something our Brotherhood teaches. Aum.

‡ ‡ ‡

When the world is perceived accurately the devotee-yogi will see that it's madness, a bedlam, terrible. Yet, in this bedlam and madness the cool, loving hand of God will reach out to the devotee and touch him, making him calm. Into the samsara the Lord can enter and guide, if you are a real seeker. He can find you anywhere! And set you on solid ground.

When burning seeds, resins, etc. on a burning coal, one drops items on the charcoal gradually without killing the ember. Thus the items burn, give off nice smelling smoke, and it doesn't kill the charcoal. As the burnables get used up, they can be brushed away to the side to place new burnables. Aum.

Generally speaking, Americans who become "gurus" and rep for the Indian dharma are a bad joke. Few if any know samadhi even once. Few have ever heard Aum. Few have the yogic fire or the burning prana. Few can explain the Upanishads with any light. Few if any bestow the ancient living shaktipat. Most of them got their reputation by having some clever, original verbal patter -- regarding the Indian dharma -- and/or having some association with a famous Indian guru. And perhaps a technique that they promoted. As themselves, they are nothing. White men seeking ancient Dharma should set their sights higher and have higher standards. Generally speaking, it's women who are taken in by characters like "Adi Da," Ken Wilbur, "Rudi," and the like. Another fact is that followers get primarily attracted to the existing Scene or Community and the teacher is an idea at a distance. Communities and scenes have a life of their own and most pursue it out of attraction to the scene/community. This was often the case with those who flocked to Indian false-guru Rajneesh/Osho. People want flesh, community, sex Especially if it has a spiritual aura.

A goomba walks by covered with studs, in leather garments of all kinds, with many tattoos, an odd hat, special boots. The whole feeling is isolation. And extremism. Overdoing. He has no friends. His dress has only isolated him. Nobody wants to know him.
Meanwhile two Brothers walk by merely having the same style hat, and some other common item such as a red headband beneath. Is it "Men in agreement"?!? Is that legal? Shouldn't they be investigated by the authorities? This is scary!" Heads turn, women are stirred, men want to know what they are all about. They affect the whole street and stir hungry hearts.

‡ ‡ ‡

The Lord we worship, Saguna Brahman, is Lord of all the Times, including the past. To one of our brothers, all "pasts" and stories of the past are mere fictions and he can play with them as he likes. This is Upanishadic knowledge indeed. Get this realization.

Learning to type with a better keyboard layout, such as Dvorak, helps a Brother type much faster and get more done. It only takes a few days, with application, to get used to the new, faster, more efficient keyboard layout. You can custom-rig your keyboard to improve on stupid decisions of the manufacturer, such as placing the delete key close to your pinky instead of way out in the boondocks at a far corner, etc. I am always amazed how long it takes some brothers out in virtual la-la land to simply type a sentence. Why should an old man type 4 times faster than a young man?

We yogis and Brothers are still pursuers of pleasure like the rest, and enjoyers of pleasure. It's just that we have found better, higher, and finer pleasures to enjoy and pursue. If we don't do it we can't demonstrate wisdom and higher satisfaction to the people. So we do it for ounselves and for them. The Mandukya Upanishad teaching that the yogi should renounce even bliss (in pursuit of the Non-Dualism ideal) is ignorant because the mind does not become subsumed by anything but bliss, while it constantly seeks bliss because bliss is it's origin. That teaching is not for us Dualists and enjoyers of the Blissful Lord. Nobody else will care for it either!

Jews want to be The Explainers to Gentiles so they can keep them confused, keep them weak, keep them divided, keep them in check. So Jews position themselves to explain to Gentiles their history, their various religions and movements, everything. This is the purpose of Wikipedia, for example: To maintain a kosher, Jew-friendly, and even Jew-centric Worldview for the Gentiles. Jew are very threatened by narratives, perspectives, or worldviews propounded by Gentiles
which have not been put through the kosher Jewish filter.

‡ ‡ ‡

The ways of Samsara are strange and there is no real logic to it in the end. The Good Man can turn evil next month. The beautiful, respectful woman can turn ugly and vile next year. Wealth turns to dust though a man was virtuous. Meanwhile evil and stupid men become wealthy with the right transits and location. A Brother should not try to project too many ideas of order or justice into the Samsara. The only refuge is Sat-Chit-Ananda and association with Satva guna, as it were.

Clothing made of wool is very important in winter. "Cotton kills." (Cotton retains moisture and you can't be very warm in it.) Especially wool socks, a wool sweater, hat. Then there is a material called polypropylene, and long johns made of polypropylene are a lifesaver for staying warm both awake and sleeping.

Women get the opening of their hearts by seeing men-agreed, men in brotherhood, men enjoying each other's company, and having brotherly affection. If a woman perceives a group of men are enjoying each others' company more than her company, it makes her a bit crazy, attracted, desiring to break it up, while desiring also to be around that power and that light. Only around the light of male brotherhood do women feel safe and hopeful in the female ways. Next, she gets into a conflict: She picks one out and wants him to worship her alone. Meanwhile she won't respect him any more if he does so, or if he no longer gives unique value to his male associations. The key is to continue to value your male associations as something she can never replace, even after she has attracted you; to make it clear to her she cannot replace those.

Today's situation of Jewish control (of narratives, histories, etc.) provides for us a lot of fun creative opportunity. Naming the Jew, resisting the Jew, and shaking up Jewish control should always be viewed as a fun, sexy, and cutting-edge pastime. Use humor and mockery -- Jews' own prime destructive tool -- against them.

‡ ‡ ‡

The bhakti attitude is for you, not for the person to whom you direct it. The guru, teacher, or sage gets nothing out of your bhakti. You are the one who benefits, because the divine within you responds and awakens by bhakti. A man of realization with intelligence finds followers, adherents, disciples a burden and vexation. When one is immersed in ananda, Aum, or kumbhaka the thrill of somebody saying "You are great" is a petty thrill if a thrill at all. A guru might direct you into bhakti-oriented discipline, but he does it for your own good or the good of the culture, not because he wants the devotion of various characters, goombas, or even intelligent men. A teacher of bhakti teaches it because he cares about humanity and their welfare; wants to show to others the path that gave him the goods.

The Chinese used brass boxes having holes to keep crickets as they sing. These are excellent for placing a charcoal and burning items in Brotherhood sidewalk sitting/pujas. The smoke wafts out of the holes and the burning situation is in order and away from trouble. These boxes can easily be bought online, especially at online stores like

Young people, and especially young men, are always dearly in need of a cause they can believe in, and something they can throw themselves into with the passion of youth. They also need to express their manly heroism, take risks, slay demons, and feel association with other similar men. This is a basic purpose of our Brotherhood: To give a place for that expression and fulfillment.

A central impulse in the White European mind has always been to ascribe sacredness to sex. We can see that although Christianity left few explicit statements (scriptures) articulating this, yet the European peoples still cultivated a Christian view that ascribed sacredness to sex. It was to be enjoyed within rules, in a holistic fashion, not trifled with, and hidden away too. These are things that we do with the sacred. This ascribing sacredness to sex is a prime reason Europe prospered. But this ascription was largely implicit, only later fleshed out by Catholic doctrine that remained largely arcane to the congregations. We in our Brotherhood are building a new and better explicit rationale of the sacredness of sex, and even a restated understanding of sacredness itself.

‡ ‡ ‡

Meditation techniques are actually endless! During my Years Of The Endless Techniques, I was given a new technique every time I breathed in or out in our kumbhaka pursuit. God is ever-new, and ultimately the best meditation technique is also totally new and used only once. Shiva's 100-plus techniques given in the Vijnana-Bhairava are just a scratch of the surface and a suggestion of this truth. But until you get to this point use a few techniques until they start to get hold of you and you get Bliss, Siddhi, and World-Upgrade. In truth when a certain yogi, or a certain book, reveals to you a meditation technique, it's just one that was passed down but at the original beginning that technique was simply a discovery of that particular sage. A sage close to God will have uncovered multiple and endless techniques. These are handed too him by his yoga. What makes a technique powerful is getting it from the right source with the right attitude.

So the 6th Accomplishment of the Brotherhood has been stated, which is gathering pleasantly, in a Brotherhood manner. in vans/vehicles socially and on the street. The gathering in vans centers around eating together (most meals are solitary), satsang, scriptures, socializing, planning. The street gatherings are of two main kinds: Pujas and various "demonstrations" and "missions." This 2nd type of gathering is like the flower of the Brotherhood, the fun part, the clearly influential part.

The "Beatles Effect" is women screaming with female bliss and female desire. Why did they scream? Because they saw simply four men-in-harmony. They were young, creative, precocious, breaking rules (as young men always will do), but above all they were in harmony. This does not refer to music, notes, or tones but to the fact that they were happy together and creating together. When women see "men in harmony" it speaks to their bones and it says this:
"We will have a successful harvest."
"We will have a successful hunt."
"We will get through the winter."
"We will repel the enemy."
"Therefore it's safe to make babies."
It also tells them "Men have been regenerated!"
Because only men who are not sex addicts and bleeders truly appreciate each other and gravitate to male fellowship. So seeing men-in-harmony the female bones say: "These men are moral, alive, clean."

‡ ‡ ‡

Everybody's seeking out a Sense of Awe. Many of  the pursuits we see them engaged in are pursuits to get the state of awe. A basic purpose of Christian church is to evoke awe. I get it, when I attend church. Chills go up the spine, which is the kundalini. How sad that those who attack Christianity, never having experienced it, run around constantly seeking experiences of awe yet the religious people get profound and fresh-new awe weekly.

The first thing one needs when starting Level 2 saddhuing is some dark fabric or material to hang in the windows of his vehicle. Black tinting plus black curtains is far better. But that can be done a bit later. a very handy thing for American Saddhus in Level 2. It kills germs, disinfects cuts, and also takes away  toothaches. You can brush and whiten teeth with it. Use a half-water mixture for most purposes. Use full strength for serious infections or toothaches, but only briefly then freshen with water. Because it burns and eats tissue if used too strong.

Most women waver intellectually and morally until they have had their minds guided and firmed up by regenerated males-in-agreement. Let those ones talk to cucks and gays and Jews in coffee shops until they start to die of non-fulfillment.
They all come around at the sight of dharmic men-in-agreement.

‡ ‡ ‡

Fasting is a powerful austerity that gives real spiritual development. Mentious, the founder of the BofSW started fasting in the teens and has done many 3-day, 5-day, 7-day, 10-day fasts plus a 21-day fast. Christians and Whites are ignorant now about fasting. This is because none have stood for it or taught it. It is painful. It makes you feel sick, like a bad flu. It is like a fever. One suffers! But fasting  opens up your body's capacity to pull in prana (as felt cool heat) because in fasting the body is forced to live on prana. Few know this.

In the summertime one can easily heat up a nice dinner, in his medium-sized pan, by leaving 2 tea candles under it for 45 minutes to an hour. In the winter, 3 candles will do. It's a delight to eat your hot dinner with so little effort.
A proof of a Brotherhood's efficacy is when hard times have hit, and food is scarce, the Brotherhood has food to give to virtuous White families with children. Nobody can feed the world, but everybody is able to feed people to whom they have First Obligations. Brotherhoods should have one particular van or vehicle where a lot of food is stored, or several, and these vans should be under close watch by brotherhood van wardens.

All the Whites these days, as usual, feel interested in "spirituality." But rarely do they embrace  renunciation or austerities as that sure and ancient doorway to spiritual knowledge. Our brotherhood keeps alive the flame of renunciation, to break down the doors ourselves, and guide all forever.

‡ ‡ ‡

It's hard to comprehend the idea that you yourself dissolve the whole world and material universe each night as you withdraw the prana from the body in sleep. But once you understand this you come to understand true power to influence the world, since it is simply your own projection from your particular body, which gives the experienced world a particular nature that you alone know. This is rare knowledge.

In the street gatherings called Pujas, two or more fellows sit and burn nice-smelling foods, seeds, resins, woods, etc. Music is used. The Puja Attire is worn. Places with a lot of foot traffic are best, such as in shopping areas. It's amazing the different ways people react.
Photos of saints should be set out. In a more complex puja sit, candies, foods, or tea may be offered. This is like doing the missing prayer-and-offering duty of the people.

Indeed an activity of pro-White brotherhoods should be to financially and materially provide support to virtuous White families with children, according to direst need. This brotherhood connection in turn provides value and attractiveness -- to the women -- for the young men thus supported and backed up.

The idea of "sex is sacred" is a basic spiritual and cultural value that White Europeans have always implicitly pursued. This teaching is utterly antithetical to Jewish power and to Satan. The restoration of this teaching (sex is sacred) is the key to halting Jewish genocide of Europeans. Our Brotherhood raises it up explicitly. From us, seemingly in contradiction, marriage and family will be regenerated. On Brotherhood handout cards (at Puja Sits etc.) the phrase "Sex is sacred" should be listed as a Brotherhood teaching. It is the simplest phrase for putting all things in order and for reconnecting Whites to their Aryan-yogic-Christian heritage. This is kryptonite to Jews and they basically cannot deal with it. Its promulgation will finally attract women both to the Pro-White cause and to our American saddhu movement.

‡ ‡ ‡

In the scriptures the divine sound of Aum is likened to "a blazing fire," and "cart wheels rolling on the ground" and "the ocean surf," and "thunder." Our Brotherhood adds that the divine sound of Aum is like the air conditioning units atop a large office building in the hot summer, like a semi truck outside your room running its engine and all fans, like a great low hum, and in highest forms like thunder and a jet engine -- along with the scriptural descriptions. The sound of Aum is also like a long railroad train 3 blocks away, 1 block away, and 100 yards away.

To light a charcoal for puja you can hold it one one edge and use a lighter. Little sparks start to burst in a moving field across the surface of the charcoal. Try to get it to light primarily on the top, dished side where things will be burned. Lighting for a good while (25 seconds-ish) helps assure that it's going. Then let it set a bit till you see the white ash showing you how much is alight. When it's good and lit, only then start burning items on it. If you want to be fancy and not overheat your fingers, some small tongs are handy.

A "Demonstration" is a kind of Street Gathering that is more formal and organized. These range from rehearsed "public conversations" two brothers might have in a busy place, to an average Street Puja, to a Christmas street demonstration involving song and coordinated "standing" activities across town, or standing on a box in a public area and giving a hectoring speech or preachment with Brothers in the audience playing key roles. Mentious, the founder, has had the habit of walking around town swinging a candle-lantern on Christmas Eve, dressed festively. This is also an example of a Street Demonstration.Street demonstrations can take many forms. But it's where we make huge impact culturally.

‡ ‡ ‡

When a yogi develops he starts to experience occult divine things like the snake bite, the divine knock, and the burning pokers.

In this rough land manly life the nails tend to pick up dirt. It is easy to keep away from a dirty-nails profile if you keep them regularly clipped fairly short, and give the hands a good wash in whatever bathrooms you get. A small brush, such as a sawed-off toothbrush, carried on your person, lets you immediately get clean nails lickety-split, used while running the water.

Our Brotherhood has different modes of dress with different names, such as: "Work mode," "Ranger mode," "Puja mode," LowPro mode, Formal-with-women," and "Formal without women." etc. We also have modes of dress associated with different days, such as Sundays or Holy Days. Coat at left is one of our Sunday Mode coats. To right is a Brotherhood Christmas coat. (Based on Civil War)

It's really quite a thing for the people to encounter more than one fellow wearing the same style coat in town at the same time, and especially if sitting together. They are distressed, blissed out, attracted, angry, uplifted, confused, made mad, raptured, etc. Such is life. Top Of Page: My Brotherhood's "many belts" protocol. It represents the effort and attainment of sexual self-control and continence. It stands out and is creative, but not bizarre or obtuse. This is a Saturday night look and also used in street Demonstrations and special events. Such a head turner. Yet so easy to do and no body modification or unpleasantness.

Don't treat a king like a serf, and don't treat a serf like a king. This creates disorder and displeases the Lord. Everyone has is place in this incarnation, his qualifications, and his particular duties.

‡ ‡ ‡

In our meditation technique a yogi learns that different vowel sounds are synonymous with different pranas, and the young religious White man can imbibe these different forms of prana like soft drinks of his choice.

Here are some good musical instruments to use in street pujas to attract the people: Congas, a scritch-fish (wooden instrument, you rub a stick against it), a tambourine, a clave, an accordion, a small electronic synthesizer keyboard, a guitar, an acoustic bass guitar, a violin or viola, a kazoo, appropriate brass or horns, and others. If you can keep time at all, you can contribute greatly to the music. If you can carry a tune, you can make a mighty contribution to the singing or chants. Guitars are more boring because the people are used to them and our Brotherhood is Primordially Interesting (as is God).

We are a version of "consider the lilies of the field" -- finally living that out. So did the Waldensians, but women and marriage brought down the Waldensians to nothing.

In a leftist dystopia, 2 men of common race happily conversing and having obvious lifestyle solidarity on the street is a Phenomenon. Three, a Sensation. If it's young men without markings or body modification, it puts the Jews on emergency Jew patrol.

‡ ‡ ‡

The highest use of astrology is to be able to tell the difference between good karma (transits of Jupiter, etc.) and grace-transcendence. Only a highly accurate form of astrology is able to nail down the karmic things to see this difference. Such an accurate astrology does not exist in the larger world. It is, however, known by Brotherhood adepts.

Backing up data is a basic life-competence skill for us since much of our work is done on laptops, over the internet, etc. This headmaster thinks you should have backups on at least three drives. Small flash drives taking 30 Gigs are cheap today, and they can be strung on your key ring inside of a protective padded carrier. 1-Terrabyte drives (better for backing up videos/Pro Tools music files, etc.) are now very small and inexpensive. Not only should data be backed up regularly, but it should be stored in safe places where idiots don't find it.

"Many buttons" is a spiritual, moral, and cultural message. It says a lot about our Brotherhoods.

When approaching a younger man with his woman, the Brotherhood procedure shouold be to look the GUY in the eye, and only secondarily the woman, if the time is there and it seems appropriate. In general the attitude should be that, with a couple, you interact with the male. Any social connection with the female should be "through" him as it were.

‡ ‡ ‡

When you get close to God, you experience divine phenomena, you smell divine smells or tastes, and he makes you powerfully influential through simple, easy actions.

It's dumb to let your van or vehicle become dirty or stand out. The windshield and windows, especially, should be kept clean. It's very easy to keep windows clean with a bottle of Windex (or similar) and squares from your roll of paper towels. Takes only a few minutes to clean all the windows whenever they look spotty.

A highly developed Brotherhood will have projects like a Sunday "Gita Gathering" (for normies, couples, etc.), a "Men's Club" on Main Street, different Level One properties to use as bases (houses etc.), will do sophisticated and surprising street demonstrations, special Christmas and holiday charities, an "Indian" cadre or wing in close association and brotherhood, and even a school for boys, plus be looking for royal potential among the people.

When the Brotherhood encounters a decent male who has an obviously loving and loyal wife or girlfriend, the attitude toward her should be courtly but dry, formal respect almost as if she is royalty. This also goes for Brotherhood Marrying Men with regard to their wives. There should be no over-familiarity with any man's woman. This teaches the people. It is the right way to live. Men who want to interact with the WOMAN instead of the man are very uncultured men, idiotic, feminized, or looking for Mother, but probably just sex addicts want to relate to all women for that charge plus veer away from men in their sexualized state.. Such manners are as decorous as a dog humping someone at the store. Respect to other decent men, ascribing personhood and value to him first, is an insignia of the regenerated male.

‡ ‡ ‡

If you can separate your astral self from your body consciously in the transitional sleep stages, you come to know that the gross waking world is simply your personal projection. At those times you may visit places very similar to this world, but you are doing this by holding the remembered world together by memory effort. This is why such astral adventures leave you very tired. The world was really no longer there, but your memory of it in the conscious dreaming state caused you to hold together a more subtle form of that remembered waking world. Working toward yogic samadhi will show you all this. Then you may astral travel in a fully awake state, should you desire to.

Flashlights are an important tool in this Level 2 life, and there is nothing like a well-made flashlight. They are an every-night tool. These are the best as they have a clip that lets you clip it to edges, hanging string, etc.: Tactical Flashlight. It is good for a Brother to have 3 of these on hand at all times. This model of flashlight is called "Cree" but many that look just like it are poorly made in China and often have manufacturing flaws and work improperly. The link given above will lead you to a good flashlight. These can also be clipped to your best for night walking. The AA batteries last a good while in these and they have bright and low-light modes. For general every-night lighting when not hot out, tea candles are much cheaper.

When a brother buys food for his entire cadre, such as a pizza, the group should at some point in the gathering to a fun ritual honoring of him as the Founder of the Feast. The recitation by one or all should be: "Oh thou dear Brother, Founder of the Feast and father of the meal, thou hast fed the Brotherhood and thus fed the world."

If a male somewhere has an insipid, fey, womanish, or annoying voice and way of talking he should not be mocked
or condemned, but he should be avoided.

‡ ‡ ‡

Looking at the sun in the first hour after sunrise, or the last hour before sunset, is a great yoga. It strengthens the brain, reconditions you to accept pure white light and blinding light instead of rejecting it and shrinking away from it (in death), destroys psychological infirmities, makes you need less food, teaches you how to anticipate the inner seen light, and other things. The BofSW founder Mentious did sun-gazing during his years in California in the Ojai house.

A good boombox (player) can be used for music at a Street Puja. It can be a CD player, an MP3 player, or other device. But have the music pre-selected and at the ready and play the best music. The music should be musical, somewhat exotic and new, and somewhat cross-cultural interspersed with definitely European flavors. Don't ever get too loud with it, or constant, in most Street Pujas. The "world" music used on the "Trance Planet" series of CDs should be included to attract free-thinking Whites plus consternate the Jews.

A woman who shows respect to a good man is on the right path as a woman. By devotion (bhakti) a woman gets whatever the yogi-man got by austerities and meditation. This is her special power as an empathetic woman. Women are naturally strong in bhakti. Men are naturally strong with austerities and meditation.

People transmit their essence through their voice. If a person loaded with vices is speaking, this is painful to a pure man or a sage. Conversely, a pure man or a sage purifies others by his voice and attracts them to the Divine. People on cell phones who think the whole world enjoys hearing their voice are hard to suffer. Best thing is to just leave.

‡ ‡ ‡

A skillful yogi and a skillful Brother makes all life experiences fuel his yoga; serve his yoga.
Milk keeps for a few days without spoiling. Even when in "spoils," it simply goes through some tranformations at first. First, it becomes "clabbered milk," which is delightful and (according to Mentious) more pleasant than regular milk. Next, it starts to form curds and whey. Only after that does it become rotten or inedible. During hot summer days, milk will start to clabber in 1.5 to 2 days. If you don't buy too much, you will always have good milk around if you like milk.

Some day you will see that that house, that street, and that town you were so attached to, for so long, were nothing. Especially while opportunities abounded for you to be a real hero, embrace your manhood, step into the mythic, and throw yourself on the side of your people's lost Protecting Dharma -- and onto the true side of your people.

No matter what a man's pains, losses, struggles, or indignities: If he can still muster a sincere smile for strangers and passerby, he is worthy in this world and he pleases God. What to say about those who have so many blessings yet can't smile upon an old man or a child!

‡ ‡ ‡

When a mantra is rooted in a certain yogi, and when he has gotten any spiritual or occult fruit from it, initiation into that mantra by that yogi is fertile. You will then get that yogi's same fruit from it, and special new fruit of your own by assiduous practice.

In this life one finds himself picking up critters now and then. For example, a lot of homeless people sit in chairs at coffee shops and transmit bedbugs to them, and you make take one or two home. Or, bedbugs etc. may be hiding inside of clothing bought from goodwill shops. Or you may pick up something by consorting even briefly with a street person. It is good to have a frisker bottle of CedarCide with you in your van. If you ever feel any crawly, spay there. This usually nips
in in the bud and it ends.

The Brothers should be charitable to beggars, generally, and have that reputation, but not to extremes, and with discretion. Money should not be given to obviously able-bodied men who look under 40, or who are asinine and rude with their begging, or who have a lot of tattoos or body piercing, or who are known to deal drugs, or who are known to be thieves. When giving to beggars on the street the priority should be those with infirmities, older people, clean and virtuous looking people, distressed single women, and people who are clearly disconsolate. If an able bodied male is using his girlfriend to do begging for them both, they should be passed by. Giving out money indiscriminately to be a Big Giver etc., when the Brotherhood plus virtuous people also need money, is not virtuous. Even with these rules, our Brotherhood IS KNOWN as charitable and is loved by the street people. In fact, this discrimination and thoughtfulness gets us even more respect from them. The Bible condemns world-savers and "charitable" givers whose own people are hungry in his own house.

Women who have abandoned several good men in their lives (or even one), and who have no children, are almost always deeply unhappy women in their old age, and unpleasant to be around, with little heart glow familiar with older mothers, loyal wives, and grandmothers. In almost all ways these women are problematic for us men to interact with at all. There is not much to do about them except pray, and perhaps watch them get some comfort in female friendship with others like them. (Though it's not much comfort for them, it seems.)

‡ ‡ ‡

One of the Upanishads states that sex with the wife during the day is unchastity, but that sex with her at night is "chastity."
This looks absurd on its face but the meaning of the Upanishad is that sex is best done in the sleep state or at least half asleep. This fits together with the several Upanishad verses which state that the world does not exist any more during sleep.
Because the world isn't fully there, during that sex, less damage occurs to one's world from the orgasm. Our Brotherhood unlocks a great many secrets of the scriptures, especially the Upanishads.

Living Level Two it's very much incumbent upon brothers to have necessary emergency equipment
for vehicles such as tire-changing equipment (lifts and posts), emergency battery starters in a charged state,
and other similar items depending on the condition of the vehicles. Also all men should be trained in how
to do these operations such as tire-changing, even all by themselves.

It is all right, and sometimes good, to have a female Muse: A woman of some virtue and beauty who you find attractive, and pleasant to think about or converse with. She can be used for your yoga, including teaching you how to have a genuine attitude of devotion toward the Lord, or even offering her up mentally to the Lord. But it is even best to avoid going over The Line with her. She should also be kept at a distance from
The Brotherhood.

A lot of good clothing can be found in 2nd hand and goodwill shops. Items can be found that have never been worn, or seldom washed, and fit perfectly whatever brother. Sometimes these finds give excellent ideas for Brotherhood attire. A problem is that bedbugs or other critters are sometimes hiding in goodwill clothes. It is wisest to give a spray to the item before putting it away, especially in crevices, folds, cuffs etc.

Spontaneous movements of the body, often in ancient yogic mudras, is sure sign of the awakening of the kundalini within, and of shaktipat. This is resident in our Brotherhood.

If a man spends a lot of time meditating in one spot, that place becomes imbued with his  meditation and he finds it very easy to get deep into it whenever there. Others also, when coming into or near that place, get into meditation states as if perforce, and possibly even shaktipat. If he gets too deep or too close to the fire in that spot, for his choice, a solution is to leave that spot and wander. This is part of the hidden mechanics underlying the saddhu tradition.

At other times in his spot that yogi feels quite normal and like himself. At that point, his regular location has become a Shiva abode. He is at ease with his own shakti. Then when going down into the world that becomes his Shakti-loka, and as proof he finds himself overwhelmed with bliss when entering these other places, as if a drunken man. He finds there ananda. Shiva-bliss is different and more higher pitched, above the mind.

A man usually can't be feeling divine things and talking at the same time. The closer a man is to God the less he is inclined to talk. Then he becomes highly disinclined when there is not real listenership there. In such cases, to speak is to insult the Shakti. Women love to talk. The happier they are, the more they want to talk. They are different. A woman who isn't able to converse a lot is usually an unhappy woman. Very rare is the woman who gets the kind of inner bliss that makes her abandon talk for a while. In these ways, men and women are partially incompatible. Thus why even in marriage, they should have lawful time apart.

True Tantra, in the sexual sense, is using sexual attraction to further your yogic development.It's part of "making all things serve your yoga." In pure tantra a yogi must have rewired himself by his meditation so that sexual attraction energy is largely directed up his spine, rather than down. Thus for example, when looking upon the woman he finds attractive, he gets burning piercing at the top of his head, or the onset of a psychic power, etc. As soon as the "sap" moves within, he's going the wrong way. A woman can't teach tantra to a male. She can only be used as a vehicle for it. No woman can understand male sexuality, or his spiritual aspiration & experience. Tantra is DANGEROUS, requires a woman who understands it, and few men can do it successfully. Generally speaking it's better to stay away from it. Playing with fire, you usually get burned.

The reason we are attracted to sex-pleasure is because it is blissful, and we come from Bliss (God), so we think it must be all right; must be the goal, no matter how much we have learned. Only by gradual sublimation and upward-directing of the creative energy many years are we relieved of this delusion. Meanwhile, sex enjoyed with continence, or sex enjoyed holistically (with the wife, into her) does a lot less damage to the experienced world-garden. God gives grace in those two situations.

The man given to both austerities/meditation plus bhakti is rare. He is a Raja Yogi.

When true Pratyahara dawns by exquisite meditation or immersion in the Transcendental Objects, the world becomes a confusing bedlam. This is for two reasons: Not being sufficiently externalized any more he cannot sufficiently project "story" onto the mess-world to bring some sense to it. We actually make "sense" of the world by projecting "stories" onto it that "explain" it. He can no longer cognize any stories. The second reason is that he himself is actually in the processing of disassembling his world, just like a spider drawing in its web or a boy breaking up his sand castle, and the world actually is becoming chaotic -- in pratyahara. This is a fearsome experience that normally happens only at death. It is probably an aspect of the vision of Krsna that so frightened Arjuna in the Bhagavad-Gita. At that time the thought of The Lord is the only rescue. Thus why you should cultivate the thought of the Lord here-now daily, especially in dire times of distress.

The male orgasm produces for him world-disturbance and world-destruction experienced in his outer experienced world, usually noticeable within 48 hours of the hemorrhage. This is the original "fall" from the Garden of Eden, and it is the same fall going on now in his karmic story and he keeps falling deeper into hellish world conditions. The only way this is somewhat mitigated is by letting that orgasm be done dharmically, holistically within the wife. This offends the Divine Law less. Otherwise, continence is
the sure refuge.

Mocking the culture that developed under the auspices of Jews is a regular and daily Brotherhood activity. And it's fun.

Consultancy-oriented businesses are an excellent way to abide easily in a Level 2 homeless state. All one needs is an internet connection or cell phone -- easy to have in this state, and knowledge that people are willing to pay for. Practical work like housecleaning, painting, yard work, and carpentry/repair are also excellent Brotherhood businesses for a number of reasons.

Getting a comprehension of Non-Dualism as expressed in the Mandukya Upanishad and Karika (supplemental commentary) gives a man a huge feeling of freedom, power, and satisfaction!

Nowadays goombas and incipient goombas like to say "It's all good." Those who value tradition and dharma know: "No, everything's not good. Some things are good, others bad."

A 2nd Mating Administration, in producing strong marriages, is to avoid afflictions of Saturn, Mars, and Pluto against each other's moon. (Avoid marrying, for example, a woman whose Saturn afflicts man's moon, and vice-versa.) The 3rd Admin is that the woman must have a strong aspect made to his Mars (in the woman's chart), and the man must have a planet in strong connection to her Venus. The 4th Admin is that one must have a positive planet in the other's locational 4th house of family/home, shared at least one way. This can rebuild strong lifelong marriages..

The male sexual emission is the analog to the female period. Except that for him it's an inner strip-mining. The inner strip-mining produces then a matching outer world effect. The only situation that makes the loss worth it is the situation of procreating with the wife. This is a central male mystery. The problem is mitigated somewhat in the case of dharmic, holistic sex with one's wife. Thus a genuine wife/marriage allows a man to partake of sex under reasonable terms. Other emissions are not worth the damage done, or the world-disturbance created for one's self.

The world is stories.

The traveler gets too say the edgy things.

Connecting with key individuals one-on-one is one of the powerful ways to influence a community.

Brothers should regularly attend every Christian church in any given town where they abide.

White baristas should not be tortured by black music just because a deluded White thinks it's "progressive."

Simple, powerful phrases that awaken Whites: "Whites have ethnic interests too." "It's not
like every other people has ethnic interests, but not us." "God is known within."

When you awaken Whites and snap them of their stupor, by breaking a Jew-taboo, you should do it in a calm voice, earnestly but gently, with love. Stay in peace while breaking Jew taboos that enforce White genocide.

Cafe owners should not torture White hearts with the rude and indecorous sound of the saxophone playing crazy solos. Interestingly, blacks created that ethos and Jews promoted it. Whites should not torture other Whites with that sound, or histrionic straining black female "singers," either.