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New Yoga-Sutra Verse added this Sunday:
Verse 4:29 on Dharma-Megha-Samadhi


From: BL

Subject: Great Message on Guru Nanak
To: ""
Date: Jan. 23, 2014

Thank you much for the inspiring audio on Guru Nanak. It prompted me to seek more information about him.
I was brought up Catholic and had all of the "thou-shalt-not's" beaten into me with hardly any understanding as to WHY we shouldn't do these things.
Never too late too learn.

Thank you. That material about "he who wastes the fluid" is one of the most straightforward teachings son male chastity from the very straightforward sikhs.

Subject: A Big thank you!
From: J.M. <>
Date: Jan. 25, 2014

Dear Mr. Lee & the Brotherhood of the SW,

This is just a small letter of gratitude that I feel compelled to write to you after the sweeping changes that have happened in my life over the course of the past year. Much of these positive changes stemmed from the teachings and wisdom derived from your website, videos and from the efforts of your Brothers.

A little more than a year ago I used to be chronically losing my sexual fluid through my own self-delusion and weakness of will. I was much worse for this. My mind was unstable, my body wasted and tired, my relationships felt tense, and my spiritual efforts were hitting dead ends no matter the route I took. Yet after I stumbled across your site and videos for the first time, I knew, as if a tonne of bricks had come crashing down on me, the validity and rightness of celibacy as a vehicle to greater realisation.

I decided things had to change. I was tired of the feeling of being used, and I felt myself being drawn to a more manly, intelligent, enthusiastic, and spiritual mode of being. From my own great Catholic tradition too, I knew that I had immense resources and power to call upon to help in this Self-Effort.

I'll admit that it was an arduous road for me, but today I feel that I'm much better at the practice of Brahmacharya than I ever thought I would be. I still have the odd hiccup, but as Meister Eckhart says:

"We should in no way regard ourselves as being far from God, neither on account of our weakness or our failings or anything else. And if your great sins have ever driven you so far from him that you should regard yourself as not being close to God, then you should still regard God as being close to you." Sermon 17 of Instruction

"You should know too that a good will cannot fail to find God, although the mind sometimes feels that it misses him and often beleives that he has departed. What should you do then? Do exactly the same as you would if you were experienced the greatest consolation: learn to do the same in the greatest suffering, and behave in exactly in the same way as you did then. There is no better advice on how to find God than to seek him were we left him: do now, when you cannot find God, what you did when last you had him, and then you will find him again."  Sermon 11 of Inst

"for the perfection of virtue is borne in struggle, as St Paul says: 'virtue is perfected in weakness' (2 Cor. 12:9)" Sermon 9 of Inst

I wish the Grace of God upon you and all the SW Brotherhood. God looks after his own and the rewards are received even at the present moment. I would also like to offer the Brotherhood my services....This is something I would like to share in and to promote to all men, especially to our White European brothers and men both young and old.

To some of this end I've set up a blog to lay out my own experiences and to explore real Christianity so that Christians can really come to a knowledge of the profound nature of their religion. This may also be of use to our Christian Brothers specifically.

I look forward to hearing from you, God bless and protect you,

E., from Ireland.

Dear E:

Thank you for this uplifting email. It gives us all a Stout Heart to continue to perfect our brahmacharya and to continue to teach the truth about it.

Julian Lee
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