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Brotherhood Of The Sacred Word
How the Illuminati Think
Our Brotherhood and its teachings presents the only firm challenge to them

The Pornography Deluge

Freedom From Porn Addiction
Excellent Article

"In a 2012 survey of 1,500 guys, 56% said their tastes in porn had become “increasingly extreme or deviant.” [12] Because consistent porn users’ brains quickly become accustomed to the porn they’ve already seen (See Porn Addiction Escalates), they typically have to constantly be moving on to more extreme forms of pornography to get aroused by it. [13] As a result, just like the rats, many porn users find themselves getting aroused by things that used to disgust them or that go against what they think is morally right. [14]"


False Guru Department

Osho-Rajneesh: 25 Years Later More Truth Spills Out

Krishna Was Right

Memories Pass Between Generations
BBC News

Would You Watch a Reality-Show of Your Life?

Individuals Can Attain Salvation Only by Escaping From The Herd

Studies show link between teenage sexual abstinence & Academic Achievement
(Turning away from sex gives you a brilliant mind)
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Meditation — Households

     Women speak about Porn Addiction
Scientists speak about Porn Addiction

Christians speak about Porn Addiction

breaking free of sex addiction

Site Advocating Chastity in Dating & Relationships

Sexual Abstinence & Yoga on Allexperts.com

Brahmacharya with Scientific Understanding

Inspiring Quotes on

Tibetan Chants

Vajra Guru, Vajrasattva

Srila Prabhupada's
Frank Discussions on Sex


Henry David Thoreau:
"Love and lust are as far asunder as a flower garden is from a brothel."
Anand Krishnan

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Recent comments on Dylan's new video "The Vision Of The Chaste Male."


"This video is breathtaking...'

El Muano
"thank you. im in tears.
i can feel the strength in your voice."

Continued Right...

Nick Weir


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 Sunday Bliss,

Sunday Thanks


Michael Hansson

"So true. Is almost as if you open a third eye. Everything seems clearer and you can speak to your soul and see through people's eyes.
This must be an inborn quality."


"OM. Inspired message,
well executed."

Recent email from an Indian brother:

Subject: thanks
From: arjjun@////.com
To: letters@celibacy.info 

Dear Anand Guruji:

Thanks a ton for your efforts in bringing us lowlifes up towards real dharma and manliness...

Well, I am short on words for the inspiration you have provided. I am not up to the task yet but will surely summon enough will power to practise what I read and plan to do regarding celibacy and sadhana.

I will be writing soon
about a couple of meditative techniques. thanks again

-- Arjun



Nature's Men Fight Back
Heterosexuals For
A Moral Environment


Hindu Teachings
On Celibacy/Brahmacharya


Saint Augustine:

"For my will was perverse and lust had grown in it, and when I gave into lust, habit was born, and when I did not resist the habit it became necessity."

Swami Sivananda, Lion of Brahmacharya

Practice of Brahmacharya

Saint Kabir:
"Just after the act, both the partners feel extreme drainage of energy, still no one understands the importance of celibacy."

Excellent resource from
the Hare Krsna people

A Scientific Treatise
on the
Value of Continence
Dr. R.W. Bernard


Truth & Power Of Christianity
The Incorrupt Body
Of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

Died 1917, Chicago

Preserve Europe
"There are over 250 incorrupt bodies of known Catholic Saints and unknown incorrupt corpses have been discovered in burial grounds... Science can offer no explanation; normally a body begins to decompose within hours after death. While an incorrupt body does not mean that one will be automatically canonized, it reminds us that just as God has triumphed over death, He can also interrupt the laws of nature."

Lord Buddha:

"A wise man should avoid unchastity
as if it were a burning pit of live coals. From the contact comes sensation, from sensation thirst, from thirst clinging; by ceasing from that, the soul is delivered from all sinful existence."

 Brotherhood of The Sacred Word
Noob Baha'u'llah Pwns The Bab in Epic NWO Fail